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Bridges in Mathematics is a full elementary school curriculum that provides the tools, strategies, and materials teachers need to implement the NCTM standards. Developed with initial support from the National Science Foundation,

Independent Study of Washington State K-8 Curriculum Review Final Report
October 27, 2008 Strategic Teaching

Review of Mathematical Soundness Background Notes for WA State Curriculum Study
W. Stephen Wilson, Ph.D.
This review looks at the mathematical development of whole number multiplication, area of a triangle, and adding and subtracting fractions in the elementary K-5 programs from TERC Investigations, Math Expressions, Bridges in Mathematics, and Math Connects. This review found Math Expressions and Math Connects to be mathematically acceptable. TERC Investigations and Bridges in Mathematics were found to be not mathematically acceptable.
Middle School
This review looks at the mathematical development of multiplication and division for fractions and proportions in the middle school 6-8 programs for Math Connects, Prentice Hall, Holt, and Math Thematics. This review found Math Connects ranking first and Prentice Hall and Holt tied at second with Math Thematics at the bottom.

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Bridges in Mathematics What Works Clearinghouse
Effectiveness: No studies of Bridges in Mathematics that fall within the scope of the Elementary School Math review protocol meet What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) evidence standards. The lack of studies meeting WWC evidence standards means that, at this time, the WWC is unable to draw any conclusions based on research about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of Bridges in Mathematics.

Characteristics of the Bridges in Mathematics program
  • Standard algorithms not emphasized
  • Alternative strategies encouraged
  • Word problems missing or lacking
  • Common denominator skills and concepts not developed
  • Does not fully develop foundational math skills and concepts
  • Small group investigations
  • Games and activities centers for skill practice and explorations
  • Materials difficult to navigate
  • Worked examples and explanations often missing from student materials
  • Constructivist

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