A Calculating Web Site Could Ignite a New Campus 'Math War' [Untitled]
By JEFFREY R. YOUNG June 12, 2009 The Chronicle of Higher Education

Educators Battle Over Calculator Use: Both Sides Claim Casualties
Education World, Inc. Updated 7/10/2002

Quick Takes: Calculators in the Classroom
March 1998 SEDL
  • A frequently overlooked skill is knowing when to use a calculator and when other methods are more efficient. Simple exercises can show students that mental and written computations are often more useful than working with a calculator.
The Calculator in the Elementary Classroom: Making a Useful Tool out of an Ineffective Crutch
Erin McCauliff Department of Education and Human Services Villanova University
Edited by Klaus Volpert

Calculators... - Mathematically Sound FoundationsMathematics Education Dialogues May/June 1999
a publication of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Groping and Hoping for a
Consensus on Calculator Use

Let’s Abolish Pencil-and-Paper Arithmetic by Anthony Ralston

Do We Need Calculators?
by Kim Mackey

How Our Readers Feel about Calculators How Our Readers Feel about Calculators by Cynthia Ballheim

The Research Backs Calculators by Donald J. Dessart, Charleen M. DeRidder, and Aimee J. Ellington

Ensuring That All Children Are Powerful Technology Users
by Charlene Morrow

A Calculator Tour around Canada and the United States by Johnny Lott

Questioning the Use of Calculators in the Elementary Grades by Frank Wang

Calculators at the Elementary School Level? Yes,It Just Makes Sense! by Randall I. Charles

Tools for Mathematical Understanding in Middle School by Perry Montoya and Vicki Graber

A Revolution in My High School Classroom by Gail Burrill

An Attempt in Sweden at Consensus Excerpted by Zalman Usiskin from a paper given by Lars-Eric Björk and Hans Brolin

What Does the Research Say about Achievement of Students Who Use
Calculator Technologies and Those Who Do Not?

Susan Barton, Ph.D. Brigham Young University Brigham Young University-Hawaii Campus Department of Mathematics

K–12 Calculator Woes
Frank Quinn May 2009 Notices of the AMS

Should Calculators Be Used Indiscriminately in Classrooms?
by Ricky Mar 25, 2009 Bright Hub!

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