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ASU plans big change in teacher training [Untitled]
Less time on theory, more focus on subject
Pat Kossan - Jan. 25, 2010 The Arizona Republic

Making Teaching a Profession
Jennifer Epstein January 5, 2010 Inside Higher Ed

The New War Against Ed Schools
And Four Suggestions for Ending It

Pedro A. Noguera November 16, 2009 Education Week

Who Needs Mathematicians for Math, Anyway?
The ed schools' pedagogy adds up to trouble.
SANDRA STOTSKY 13 November 2009 City Journal

Education Secretary Praises Teaching but Criticizes Teaching Programs
Kelly Field October 9, 2009 The Chronicle of Higher Education

New Guidelines for Teacher Training
A needed attempt to reform the accreditation of teacher education schools lacks substance.
Sandra Stotsky September 01, 2009 The John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy

The Negative Influence of Education Schools on the K-12 Curriculum
June 30, 2008 By Sandra Stotsky, University of Arkansas
Colleges of Education - Mathematically Sound Foundations


Sandra Stotsky
Journal of Teacher Education, Vol. 57, No. 3, May/June 2006

UDC Chief Wants to Cut Undergrad Major in Education
Low Graduation Rates Prompt Change as Sessoms Proceeds With an Institutional Overhaul
By Susan Kinzie Washington Post Staff Writer March 9, 2009

"...many cannot pass a national standardized test of basic high school-level reading, writing and math skills."

UA plans to trim offerings from Education College
Budget ax may hit high school PE, history, English
By Aaron Mackey ARIZONA DAILY STAR February 27, 2009

Colleges of Education - Mathematically Sound Foundations

Research That Matters
Taking Measure

Does Modern Math Education Add Up?

College of Education
University of Education

Research or Propaganda? Read it and see for yourself.

Teacher Education: Coming Up Empty
By: Kate Walsh Maarch 16, 2006

America's Teaching Crisis: Sandra Stotsky
interviewed by George A. Clowes - School Reform News
The Heartland Institute

Aspiring school teachers fail in math
Only 27 percent of the teaching candidates pass
19 May 2009 Bruce Mori

Racial Equity Requires Teaching Elementary School Teachers More Mathematics
Patricia Clark Kenschaft FEBRUARY2005 NOTICES OF THE AMS

Teach for America

Teach For America's 'Highly Qualified' Is Highly Misleading
Ilana Garon December 29, 2010 Huffington Post

To salvage a failing public school system, we need to remove de facto control of the content of the K-12 curriculum from education schools as soon as possible. We can remove their control over teacher training by transferring control of teacher preparation in core subjects and the content of these subjects to discipline-based experts at non-profit independent centers or institutes with principled intellectual and civic goals. We can also require educational textbook publishers to use these academic experts as senior authors or consultants for all school textbooks. Voices are beginning to call for the dissolution of our public school system—a logical result of the increasingly negative influence of education schools on the quality of the curriculum and instruction in it. That influence will continue until their direct control of educator preparation and indirect control of the content and pedagogy in school textbooks is removed.

from the Concluding Remarks of The Negative Influence of Education Schools on the K-12 Curriculum
June 30, 2008 By Sandra Stotsky, University of Arkansas

Colleges of Education - Mathematically Sound Foundations

Just 41 percent of eighth-grade math teachers majored in math in college. That's 30 percentage points lower than the international average.
No Child Left Behind

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