Math Advocacy Groups and Related Math Websites


Alabama Coalition for World Class Math


California World Class Math

Mathematically Correct
This web site is devoted to the concerns raised by parents and scientists about the invasion of our schools by the New-New Math and the need to restore basic skills to math education.

Palo Alto HOLD
Mountain View Achievement is a group of concerned parents, teachers and community volunteers who believe that all children should have opportunities to achieve academic success. We are dedicated to improving academic achievement, and we invite every member of the community to join us.

Mountain View (CA) Achievement

Palo Alto Parents 2009: Math
Concerned Parents Against Selection of Math Textbook Adoption


Illinois Loop

"The Illinois Loop is an organization of parents, teachers, school board members, and others working to restore academic substance and effective teaching methods into schools."


Stop T.E.R.C. (Taking Excessive Risks with our Children)

Frederick Education Reform


Columbia Parents for Real Math

Clayton Math Matters
To create community awareness of math issues in the Clayton, Missouri School District, and to provide supporting evidence that Core Plus Integrated Math is not the proper solution to improving high school math education.

Rockwood Parents Concerned About District's Everyday and Connected Math Curriculum

Missouri Math Coalition
A statewide alliance of parents, students, teachers and community members with the mission of promoting authentic math education in Missouri public schools through world-class mathematics standards and high quality curriculum.

New Hampshire

NH Coalition for World Class Math

New Jersey

NJ Coalition for World Class Math

The Children of River Dell deserve a Quality Math Education!

New York

NYC HOLD National Honest Open Logical Decisions on Mathematics Education Reform
"We are a national nonpartisan advocacy organization that provides parents, k-12 educators, mathematicians, scientists, and others information, resources and networking opportunities to support systemic improvements in the quality of mathematics education in our nation's schools."

The web site for parents in the Plainview-Old Bethpage school district who are interested in raising the academic standards in math and other curriculum areas by staying informed and maintaining an active presence in their children’s education.


Parents for Math Choice Tigard-Tualatin School District
Parents for Math Choice is an advocacy group of concerned parents from the Tigard-Tualatin School District in Oregon. We are parents who believe in the need for a rigorous, focused, and coherent mathematics curriculum that will give our children the mathematics education they deserve and allow them to compete in the global economy.


PA Coalition for World Class Math


Connected Math, Disconnected Parents


Norton News
Investigations math fan? You've come to the right place to get straightened out. There is no better poster child to get rid of this program than Alpine School District in Utah where many children graduate not knowing their times tables or long division, and they have little comprehension of advanced principles.

Utah's Math Future
"This site has a single purpose, to show support for a major moonshot in the state of Utah and to create a system that is second to none in educating our children in math. Math is the subject that more than any other, teaches the thinking skills our children need"


PWC Education Reform Blog
This blog was developed by parents concerned with what we consider an overall decline in instruction in Prince William County Schools. Our focus is on several issues: Fuzzy Math in PWC Schools, Language Arts, Special Ed, and Parental Choice In Education.

Everyday Math in Stafford County Schools

Teach Math Right - Allow Choice For All Learners in PWCS
This website is dedicated to parents, educators, mathematicians, scientists, and other PW county citizens who are concerned about quality mathematics education in PW county public schools. Engaged parents & students, good teachers, and quality materials are essential to successful public school systems. We are a local nonpartisan advocacy organization of parents, teachers, and citizens in PW county who are committed to restoring quality rigorous mathematics programs to our public schools. We provide information, resources, and networking opportunities to support systemic improvements in the quality of mathematics education in Prince William County VA schools.

Virginian's United for World Class Math

Washington State

Where's the Math?
"We are a non-partisan advocacy group of parents, educators, and community members who are working to ensure that Washington State mathematics education standards, curriculum, and assessments are coherent, academically focused, rigorous and comparable to those of top performing nations in the world."

The Math UnderGround
The Math Underground is part of a national coalition, originated by NYC HOLD, of individuals and advocacy groups - parents, educators, mathematicians and scientists, and concerned citizens working to improve mathematics education in our nation's schools. .. a coalition of groups of citizens NOT vested in continually reinventing the wheel in order to justify our own existence, jobs or expertise.

Betrayed - Why Public Education Is Failing
Betrayed is a new online chat forum for parents, teachers and community members to offer their thoughts on what's wrong with public education and how to make it work better for the students. The comments within are based on extensive research by Laurie H. Rogers. If you would like to learn more about this research, please contact Laurie Rogers at


MImath Mercer Island Math

Save Math In Issaquah

seattle math group
Updates on the court appeal of the Seattle School Board's May 6th vote to adopt the Discovering series of high school math textbooks. Plaintiffs are Martha McLaren, DaZanne Porter, and Cliff Mass.


NYC HOLD Honest Open Logical Decisions on Mathematics Education Reform
"We are a national nonpartisan advocacy organization that provides parents, k-12 educators, mathematicians, scientists, and others information, resources and networking opportunities to support systemic improvements in the quality of mathematics education in our nation's schools."

Parents Against Everyday Math is on Facebook

United STATES for World Class Math

The National Alliance of State Science and Mathematics Coalitions (NASSMC)

Other Education Related Sites, Advocacy Groups, Blogs

CANADA: Society for Quality Education

Wisconsin PRESS: Parents Raising Educational Standards in Schools
This respected Milwaukee group started by Leah Vukmir has had a tremendous impact upon schools in their city and suburbs. The website has a great deal of information of general use, though it has not had much of an update since Leah was elected to the Wisconsin legislature in 2002.

Commonwealth Education Organization

Parent Advocates: Specializes in education issues in New York, with information about special education, FAPE, and IEPs.

NY Foundation for Education Reform & Accountability (FERA)

New Hampshire: SAU 16 Info, Exeter (NH)
This website created by parents and community members who wish to build awareness and support for excellence in our local schools

Pursuit of Excellence in Camdenton Public Schools

Ed Watch is full of informative articles, links to radio interviews, links to newspaper articles, and links to other resource materials. EdWatch operates at the state, the national, and the federal levels.

Michigan Education Report

Kentucky: Education Research from a Parent's Point of View Extensive coverage of education reform issues in Kentucky, from Richard Innes

Indiana Education Online - discussion forum and list of links regarding education issues in Indiana, some in favor of educational reforms, and others in favor of the status quo.

Hawaii: Education Beat Hawaii
"Promoting informed education choice for teachers, parents and communities" Grassroot Institute of Hawaii created this site for Hawaii's teachers, parents and citizens to showcase current local and national events, best practices, research and analysis of individual choices in education.

Independent Voices for Better Education
"Pioneering in Grassroots Education Reform Since 1990"

Iowa: Parents for Evidence Based Education is "a nonpartisan, grassroots organization with the belief that education policy should be instituted based on high quality, mainstream, relevant research, rather than by the unsubstantiated 'beliefs,' 'philosophies' and 'ideas' that guide our current system."

Education Intelligence Agency
Public Education Research, Analysis and Investigations

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