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Gimli Glider
"The Gimli Glider is the nickname of an Air Canada aircraft which was involved in an infamous aviation incident."
"In addition, fuel loading was miscalculated through misunderstanding of the recently adopted metric system which replaced the Imperial system."

Monorail collision result of hazard created during 1988 track redesign
A Nov. 26 collision revealed that the monorail tracks are too close together at a spot near Westlake Center. The tight spot was created when the tracks were redesigned in 1988 to accommodate the mall, so the car drivers must yield to each other.

Seattle Art Museum's Hammering Man falls on September 28, 1991
The Hammering Man fell during the sculpture's 1991 installation at Seattle Art Museum. It turned out he was heavier than expected, exceeding a crane sling's weight limit. The only injury was to the Man's pride; he was repaired and erected the next year.

Mars Climate Orbiter
The Mars Climate Orbiter was intended to enter orbit at an altitude of 140.5–150 km (460,000-500,000 ft.) above Mars. However, a navigation error caused the spacecraft to reach as low as 57 km (190,000 ft.). The spacecraft was destroyed by atmospheric stresses and friction at this low altitude. The navigation error arose because of a software programing error. The thruster control software did not properly interpret the data fed to it.

Metric mishap caused loss of NASA orbiter

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