Math Connects 6-8

Independent Study of Washington State K-8 Curriculum Review Final Report
October 27, 2008 Strategic Teaching

Review of Mathematical Soundness Background Notes for WA State Curriculum Study
W. Stephen Wilson, Ph.D.
This review looks at the mathematical development of whole number multiplication, area of a triangle, and adding and subtracting fractions in the elementary K-5 programs from TERC Investigations, Math Expressions, Bridges in Mathematics, and Math Connects. This review found Math Expressions and Math Connects to be mathematically acceptable. TERC Investigations and Bridges in Mathematics were found to be not mathematically acceptable.
Middle School
This review looks at the mathematical development of multiplication and division for fractions and proportions in the middle school 6-8 programs for Math Connects, Prentice Hall, Holt, and Math Thematics. This review found Math Connects ranking first and Prentice Hall and Holt tied at second with Math Thematics at the bottom.

Characteristics of the Math Connects 6-8 program
  • Rules for mult and div of fractions stated but not explained
  • Thorough development of ratios, rates, and proportion
  • Needs some supplementation
  • Scaffolding, examples worked, check for understanding, guided practice, individual practice, some spiral review
  • Depends on direct instruction

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