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National standards dissent and pep rallies
Jim Stergios April 26, 2011 Boston Globe-Pioneer blog

Standards Overreach, or According to Plan?
Neal McCluskey April 6, 2011 CATO@LIBERTY

School district petitions legislature to opt out of common education standards
Jack Minor • April 5, 2011 Greeley Gazette

It's Common Core-tastic!?
3/30/2011 Eduflack

Race to Top Winners Work to Balance Promises, Capacity
Michele McNeil March 29, 2011 Education Week

In Defense of Mandating Betamax
Kathleen Porter-Magee March 29, 2011 Flypaper

The illusive Common Core
With little time or money, state needs a plan
John Fensterwald 3/28/11 Educated Guess

Why We Need a National Standardized Curriculum
Matthew Lynch MARCH 27, 2011
Education News

Because of CCSS, district not replacing math materials for two more years
Laurie H. Rogers MARCH 27, 2011 Education News

Budget Cuts Hitting Deeper in Districts Nationwide
Christina A. Samuels March 25, 2011 Education Week

U.S. education secretary calls for overhaul of No Child Left Behind
Jason Song
March 23, 2011 Los Angeles Times

Schools need millions to fund massive technology upgrade
Student tests to be administered online
Hollie Deese Mar. 22, 2011

Darling-Hammond: U.S. vs highest-achieving nations in education
Valerie Strauss 03/22/2011
The Washington Post

“Our Hope Rests with Congressman John Kline”
Donna Garner MARCH 21, 2011 EducationNews

Spotlight on the Common Core State Standards - What Do Parents Need to Know?
Education Northwest

Do We Really Want a Common Curriculum?
Kathleen Porter-Magee March 15, 2011 Flypaper

Help Break My Common Curriculum Fever
Neal McCluskey March 14, 2011

Arne Duncan’s Brave New World: Dept. of Education Wants Your Kid’s Blood Type?
Patrick Richardson March 12, 2011 Pajamas Media

Big promises for new tests
State Board must choose one of two consortia – or not

John Fensterwald - 3/11/11 Educated Guess

Rational thinking on common curricula
Chester E. Finn, Jr March 13, 2011

A Look at Learning Trajectories in Mathematics
Phil Daro, Frederic Mosher, Tom Corcoran 3/11/2011 Teachers College

Hey, National Curriculum Standardizers: Stop Lying to Us!
Neal McCluskey March 7, 2011 CATO@LIBERTY

A Call for Common Content Core Curriculum Must Build a Bridge from Standards to Achievement
Albert Shanker Institute

Common Core groups should be asked plenty of questions
State Board should ask about cost, security, timeline

Doug McRae 3/07/11 Thoughts on Public Education

States should focus on assessments, not curriculum
Kathleen Porter-Magee on March 7, 2011 Flypaper

Leaders Call for Shared Curriculum Guidelines
Diverse group says framework needed for new common standards
Catherine Gewertz March 7, 2011
Education Week

Phasing Out State Tests for Common Assessments
Catherine Gewertz March 4, 2011
Education Week

Balancing Technology Standardization and Innovation in Race to the Top Assessments

What does it mean to be partisan?
Doug Lasken February 28th, 2011 Liberty Maven

National Education Standards and Tests: Big Expense, Little Value
Lindsey Burke February 18, 2011 The Heritage Foundation

The Race to the Top Scheme
Henry W. Burke and Donna Garner 24/02/2011 EducationNews

Who will be left to read cursive writing?
Roy Wilhelm FEBRUARY 26, 2011 The News Messenger

National PTA Releases Parent Guides on the Common Core State Standards for English, Math Grades K-12
Parents' Guide to Student Success
National PTA

How to Avoid Dumbing High Schools Down in Re-authorizing ESEA
Sandra Stotsky February 22nd, 2011 J.P. Greene's Blog

Wrestling with Policy Dilemmas: Common Core Assessments
BILL TUCKER FEBRUARY 23, 2011 The Quick & the Ed

How Ohio will spend its $400 million in Race to the Top funds
Edith Starzyk February 13, 2011 The Plain Dealer

Willingham: 'Race to Top' a doomed bribery scheme
Valerie Strauss 02/ 1/2010 The Washington Post

Common Core costs, benefits
$1.6 billion price is worst-case estimate

John Fensterwald 2/22/11 Thoughts on Public Education

More to Do, But Less Capacity To Do It
States’ Progress in Implementing the Recovery Act Education Reforms

February 2011 Center on Education Policy

Losing States in Race to Top Scramble to Meet Promises
Ambitious Promises During Contest Leave Some Who Lost Out Scrambling
Michele McNeil February 22, 2011 Education Week

Is Common Core Running Off the Rails Already? Waving the Caution Flag
Frederick Hess 02/17/2011 EducationNext

Can the Federal Government Fund Curriculum Materials?
Catherine Gewertz February 11, 2011
Education Week

Ed problems reside at Core
Robert Holland February 8, 2011 Worcester Telegram

SD House panel bans national history standard
CHET BROKAW February 08, 2011 The Daily Republic

The 2010 Brown Center Report on American Education
With Sections on InternationalTests, Who’s Winning the Real
Race to the Top, and NAEP and the Common Core State Standards

Tom Loveless FEBRUARY 07, 2011 The Brookings Institution

CCSS a Death Knell for Literature?
Robert Pondiscio February 7th, 2011 The Core Knowledge Blog

Doug Lasken February 4, 2011 FlashReport

Let’s Get Off the National Standards Train

By Henry Burke and Donna Garner – Feb. 2, 2011
download document

Massachusetts Legislators Raise Concern about Common Core Standards Adoption
STLGRETCHEN FEBRUARY 6, 2011 Missouri Education Watchdog

Cutting the Extra in the Classroom
Waski_the_Squirrel February 6, 2011 A Squirrel's View

Massachusetts school board wants to boot federal regulations
Michael Carl February 06, 2011 WorldNetDaily

Is the Acceptance of Common Core Standards All About Money? It Isn't about Preserving State Sovereignty.
Missouri Education Watchdog

Common Core Standards: Implications for instruction
Jack Farrell 02/ 4/2011 The Washington Post

South Dakota Dept of Ed misrepresented Jim Bolin's HB1153 to a legislative committee
Steve Sibson February 04, 2011 Sibby Online

HB 1153: House Education Hears Bolin Tremble Before History Standards
FEBRUARY 3, 2011 Madville Times

Popping The Old Accountability Bubble For The Common Good
JOSE FEBRUARY 3, 2011 The Future of Teaching

National Academic Standards Pose Threat to Local Control of Education
Tina Korbe February 2nd, 2011 The Heritage Foundation

Chiefs to Feds: Renew ESEA Soon or Help Us Innovate
Alyson Klein February 2, 2011
Education Week


We Know What Commmon Core Standards Are..Now We Want to Know: Who Wants Them and Why?
STLGRETCHEN FEBRUARY 1, 2011 Missouri Education Watchdog

MEDIA ADVISORY: All You Need to Know about the Common Core State Standards
02/02/11 Benzinga

Local Mass. School Board Seeks Standards Rollback
Bill Filed in State Legislature Considered Long Shot
Catherine Gewertz January 31, 2011
Education Week

Bill would override state Ed Board's vote on standards
Matt Murphy Jan 25, 2011 Cape Ann Beacon

Points to Ponder About the Common Core Standards
Todd Farley January 25, 2011 The Huffington Post

UGA Math Curriculum Team supports Common Core Standards
January 25th, 2011 UGA COE News

Let's drop out of Race to Top
Doug Lasken 01/23/2011 LA Daily News

Texting, Typing Killing Cursive?
January 23, 2011 KETV7

Duncan: Common Standards Will Produce Tech Innovations
Sean Cavanagh January 20, 2011
Education Week

Moving Beyond Fears of Standards
Lisa Guernsey January 18, 2011 The New America Foundation

Eagle Forum speakers decry ‘big trouble’ in education system
LESLEY MITCHELL Jan 16, 2011 The Salt Lake Tribune

Getting a Say in Common Standards
Catherine Gewertz on January 14, 2011 Education Week

Republican Utah Senators Understand Common Core Standards are Akin to Health Care Mandates: They Take Away State Control
STLGRETCHEN JANUARY 13, 2011 Missouri Education Watchdog

McEntee: Educational proposal riles some legislators
PEG MCENTEE Jan 12, 2011 The Salt Lake Tribune

Lawmaker eyes NH say on standards
MICHAEL BRINDLEY January 12, 2011 Nashua Telegraph

  • “It comes down to local control and unfunded mandates,” Boehm said. “It’s causing local districts to spend money on learning what the common core is, and it’s also going to cost additional money for new books and stuff like that.”

  • Further, Boehm said, it’s not clear whether the new standards would be an improvement in the quality of education.
The Common Core: Policy Triumph or Commercial Bonanza?
Nancy Flanagan January 12, 2011 Teacher in a Strange Land

An Early Release of Part III NAEP and the Common Core Standards

TOM LOVELESS February 2011 the Brown Center on Education Policy

NAEP and the Common Core Standards
Tom Loveless JANUARY 11, 2011 — The Brookings Institution

Report Sees Disconnect Between NAEP, Common Standards
Erik Robelen January 11, 2011 Education Week Curriculum Matters

Senate Republicans concerned about new academic standards
LISA SCHENCKER Jan 11 2011 The Salt Lake Tribune

  • But now some lawmakers want State Board of Education members to reconsider adopting those standards out of concern that Utah might be losing some local control over education by doing so.
  • “We’ve got a pig in a poke,” Buttars said. “We don’t know what we’ve got a hold of, yet we’ve been committed to it.”
A Message for Common Standards in Race to Top Guidance?
Catherine Gewertz January 11, 2011
Education Week Curriculum Matters

  • The U.S. Department of Education's new guidance for states that won Race to the Top grants has a stern message for states that try to back away from their promises: Watering down your reforms could cost you.
Subject Matters: Students struggle with math fundamentals
Sally Holland January 11, 2011 CNN Living

New York adopts Common Core Standards
Mary Pasciak Jan 11, 2011 Buffalo News

NCTM New and Noteworthy
New Document Supports Educators in Implementing Common Core State Standards for Math

On January 6, NCTM released Making It Happen: A Guide to Interpreting and Implementing Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. The 136-page online interactive document connects the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) to NCTM’s:

  • Principles and Standards for School Mathematics,
  • Curriculum Focal Points for Prekindergarten through Grade 8 Mathematics: A Quest for Coherence,
  • Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making, and
  • Essential Understanding Series.

Feds Make ELLs a Priority for Tests Based on Common-Core Standards
Mary Ann Zehr January 7, 2011
Education Week

Linking E-Courses to 'Common Core' Academic Standards
The Widespread Pledge by States to Adopt Common Academic Standards Opens Doors for More State Collaboration in Designing Online Curriculum
Katie Ash January 7, 2011 Education Week

States’ Progress and Challenges in Implementing Common Core State Standards
Nancy Kober, Diane Stark Rentner January 6, 2011 Center on Education Policy

Momentum Building for Common Core State Standards, Though Full Implementation is Years Away, CEP Survey Finds
January 6, 2011 Center on Education Policy News Release

The Factory Model of Education Reform
Dave Orphal JANUARY 4, 2011 Learning 2030

Curriculum 21: Common Core Crosswalks

Higher Standards Won’t Guarantee Better Schools
December 28, 2010 — pwceducationreform

Higher education standards won’t guarantee better schools
December 27, 2010 Bluegrass Institute

Brown needs to pull California out of Race to the Top
Doug Lasken 12/20/2010

Educational Standards—Caveat Emptor
Donald C. Orlich

Study: Most Students Fail to Meet Common-Standards Bar
Catherine Gewertz December 6, 2010 Education Week

A First Look at the Common Core and College and Career
ACT December 2010

Been Red-flagging This All Along...
DECEMBER 1, 2010 EnlargingthePlaceofMyTent

Find out more about the Common Core Standards
DECEMBER 1, 2010
Montgomery Advertiser

Illinois, other states raise the bar; will it help students clear it?
KYLE JAHNER NOV 30, 2010 Medill Reports - Chicago

Rahm wants Chicago to be first with Common Core Standards
But he's blowing smoke

Mike Klonsky NOVEMBER 29, 2010 Mike Klonsky's SmallTalk Blog

Are Common Core Standards a federal power grab?
November 28, 2010 Tuscaloosa News

VIEWPOINTS: Common standards are common sense
LARRY LEE November 28, 2010 The Birmingham News

Schools chief returns Race to the Top money -- for his teachers
Valerie Strauss 11/24/2010 The Washington Post Company

Common Core State Standards and the black helicopters
JOEY KENNEDY November 23, 2010 The Birmingham News

Will Education Standards Be Federalized?
RICHARD OLIVASTRO November 23rd, 2010 Hawaii Reporter

Standardized Testing: A Race To Nowhere
22.11.2010 | Author: tiffanyscott | Posted in Business

Questioning the Convergence on National Standards
Jim Stergios November 21, 2010 THE BOSTON GLOBE

Common Core Standards: a ‘federalization’ of the school system?
Tim Lockette
21.11.2010 Bama Fact Check

Advertiser Editorial: New core standards no conspiracy
NOVEMBER 19, 2010 Montgomery Advertiser

Now The Wheels Are Really Coming Off the National Standards Train
J.P. Greene November 17th, 201 J.P. Greene's Blog

Rumblings of an earthquake in national education policy?
Jim Stergios November 16th, 2010 The Pioneer Institute

State out of sync with Common Core
Will tests precede textbooks by years?
John Fensterwald 11/15/10 Educated Guess

The Lone Star State’s Good Reasons for Going It Alone on Education Standards
Inez Feltscher Jennifer Marshal November 12th, 2010 The Heritage Foundation

Texas Governor Rick Perry on the Danger of National Standards Heritage Foundation

Common Core State Standards: Challenges for High School Teachers
Elizabeth Hampton November 8, 2010 The Huffington Post

John Richard Schrock: Say goodbye to local control of our schools
John Richard Schrock Nov. 07, 2010 The Wichita Eeagle

Can You Hear Me Now?
Bob Dean November 3, 2010
The Columbian

Joint Task Force on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Commissioned by AMTE, ASSM, NCSM and NCTM
Report of Priorities Identified and Actions Taken in Response to the Recommendations of the Task Force

HOLLAND: Race to the Top's hidden price tag
Participating schools find money is never 'free'
Robert Holland November 4, 2010 -The Washington Time

NCTM Action on the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
NCTM President J. Michael Shaughnessy November 2010 NCTM

National Standards - Mathematically Sound FoundationsNow What? Imperatives & Options for“Common Core”
Implementation & Governance

Chester E. Finn, Jr. & Michael J. Petrilli October 2010 Fordham Institute

Common Core Standards aren't really very Common
Bob Dean October 19, 2010 The Columbian

Parental Choice in Schools Is Better
Phyllis Schlafly 14 October 2010 The Moral Liberal

Common Core Standards: A Very Bad Idea
Phyllis Schlafly 13 October 2010 The Moral Liberal

WTM: WA legislators should vote against CCSS adoption
October 13, 2010 Betrayed - Why Public Education Is Failing

The Race to 
Centralize Education
WILLIAM P. HOAR 12 OCTOBER 2010 NewAmercan

Interview: Neal McCluskey — Common Core Standards
Listen to Eagle Forum Live Radio Program aired on 10-09-10

Don’t Mess With Texas: Gov. Rick Perry Leads Opposition to National Standards watch the video

Bowers endorses Zais for state Superintendent of Education
Phil Bowers October 8th, 2010 South Carolina Republican Party

Troubling Aspects of Common Core State Standards Initiative:
Only one hearing took place in Congress concerning CCSI and no votes took place on whether or not all of this spending should take place. Can we say unconstitutional?
Wanda October 8, 2010 lifelibertyandonenationundergod

The Federal Takeover of Education
Founding Fathers knew national control of curriculum would result in national control of ideas.
Bill Costello September 22, 2010 Texas Insider

Special Ed. Advocates Cautious on Standards
9.21.10 Education News

Reform Advocates Unimpressed by ‘Race To Top’
20 September 2010 The Moral Liberal

Standards' Impact for Special Ed. is Weighed
For students who are disabled, guidance brings hurdles and opportunity.
Christina A. Samuels September 20, 2010 Education Week

Mass. risks writing off literary excellence

Charles Chieppo and Jamie Gass September 29, 2010 Boston Herald

Top House Republican on Education Talks ESEA, Race to Top
Alyson Klein September 15, 2010 Education Week

Curriculum Should Precede Assessments
Diana Senechal September 16th, 2010 The Core Knowledge Blog

Mass personalization: Is this good for education?
Diana Senechal September 15, 2010 The Washington Post

Are We Ready for Testing Under Common Core State Standards?

Patricia Deubel 09/15/10 The Journal

Mark Your Calendars
September 13th, 2010 J.P. Greene's Blog

Some Questions About the NSTA Position on the New Generation of Science Standards
Jack Hassard September 12, 2010 The Art of Teaching Science Blog

Whither 21st century skills?
CHESTER E. FINN, JR. SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 Flypaper

Who Controls Education? Missouri Education Watchdog is roadtripping to Jefferson City to ask the legislators.
STLGRETCHEN SEPTEMBER 8, 2010 Missouri Education Watchdog

LETTER: Swampscott schools should return ‘Race to the Top’ money
Sep 07, 2010 Swampscott Reporter

Gates Foundation to invest in next-generation instructional tools
Sep 8th, 2010 eSchool News

Md. school board blasts Montgomery County textbook deal
Lisa Gartner
September 7, 2010 Washington Examiner

Forecaster Forum: Connecting the dots in public education
Beth Schultz Sep 06, 2010 The Forecaster

Education Insider: Common Core Standards and Assessment Coalitions

September 9, 2010 Whiteboard Advisors

Did ‘Race to the Top’ Help, or Hurt Common Curriculum?
David Harrison September 03, 2010 Texas Insider

Race to Top Now Faces Acid Test
Winners Brace for Challenge of Putting $4 Billion to Use

Sean Cavanagh August 31, 2010
Education Week

Federal Role Touchy in Standards Push

Alyson Klein August 31, 2010
Education Week

Time To Revisit Common Core?: It May Take A Change On Colorado’s State Board

Eddie August 30, 2010 People's Press Collective

What to Expect from the "Common Core" Curriculum
August 30, 2010 Radio broadcast
Guests Michael Cohen President of Achieve, Inc.
Sandra Stotsky Professor of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas
Leah Luke Spanish and English teacher at Mauston High School in Mauston, WI.; Wisconsin's 2010 Teacher of the Year

Washington state sank to near the bottom in Race to The Top

Washington state failed to make the grade in the latest round of Race to the Top federal education grants, but more distressing was the news that the state ranked 32nd out of 36 states.
August 26, 2010 The Seattle Times

Race to the Top
Emily Rooney Show with Diane Ravitch on Race to the Top podcast
Kara Miller guest host. Released 8/24/10
Alternative download here in mp3 form.

Race to Top: Gates Backs a Bunch of Winners
Sean Cavanagh August 27, 2010 Education Week

The 15 Percent Solution?
John Kendall 20100707 McRE

The debate over common core standards for K-12 education is heating up.
Garry Boulard September 2010 National Conference of State Legislatures.

Curriculum Producers Work to Reflect New Standards
Catherine Gewertz August 20, 2010 Education Week

State Policymakers Talk Standards, Race to the Top, ESEA
Alyson Klein August 23, 2010 Education Week

Comparison of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics to the North Dakota Mathematics Content Standards, Grades K–12

Did Race to the Top help or hurt the push for a common curriculum?
David Harrison AUGUST 25, 2010 Stateline

Updated: Race to Top: The Follow-Up Edition
Alyson Klein on August 25, 2010
Posted by guest blogger Sean Cavanagh Education Week

Fewer Americans Back Obama’s Education Programs
Dakarai I. Aarons August 25, 2010 Education Week

Race to the Top Round-Two Winners Offer Mixed Bag of Reforms
Ben Boychuk 08/24/2010 The Heartland Institute

The National Standards come with No Guarantee
Jim Stergios August 25, 2010

Federal-Intrusion Talk on Common Standards: A Win-Win?
Catherine Gewertz August 24, 2010 Education Week

Is the Common Core State Standards Initiative the first step towards nationalizing education?
Miriam Snyder August 17th, 2010 NY ESL Examiner

Dangerous Blind Spots in the Common-Core Standards
William G. Wraga Education Week

Common Core Standards create a Medusa controversy for public education
August 18th, 2010 Take Care Productions

Honey, When Did the Feds Take over the Kids’ School?
Neal McCluskey August 12, 2010 Cato Institute

Staying Focused on Results

August 11, 2010 by Citizen Tom

School Officials: New Federal Education Guidelines Don't Set the Bar High Enough
Jaclyn Bruntfield August 11, 2010 RyePatch

We Don't Need No Federal Curriculum
Sharing Notes: Utah joins 34 other states to share education standards while some fear a federal takeover.
By Eric S. Peterson August 11,2010 Salt Lake City Weekly

BOYCHUK: 'Quiet revolution' deserves loud opposition
Obama approach for schools is more government control
Ben Boychuk - August 10, 2010 The Washington Times

Common Core Standards: Smoggy in States' Rights
Elizabeth Scheinberg AUG 9, 2010 Children & Educators First

Attempting to Lock-in the Dumbing Down Approach Common Core National Standards Push to Codify the Content-Free Approach

A “Rainforest” Brain in a Sea of Standardization
August 5, 2010 Commitmentarianism

Common Standards: Moving From Adoption to Implementation
Catherine Gewertz August 5, 2010 Education Week

The Ascent of America’s Choice and the Continuing Descent of America’s High Schools
Sandra Stotsky August 5th, 2010 Jay P. Greene's Blog

Acquisition News in the World of Common Standards, Tests
Catherine Gewertz on August 4, 2010 Education Week

The State of State Standards--and the Common Core--in 2010
July 21, 2010by Sheila Byrd Carmichael, Gabrielle Martino, Kathleen Porter-Magee, W. Stephen Wilson Fordham Institute

BJB comments on selected state standards and their draft Fordham SOSS 2010 reviews
Bas Braams Vienna, 08 July 2010
Near the end of the process the Fordham editors of the State Of State Standards (SOSS) 2010 asked me to review the proposed grades for some of the State mathematics standards, as a check for them before they went public. I reviewed their draft reviews and grades of themathematics standards of Vermont, Wisconsin, Maryland, Ohio, New Mexico and (only briefly) the Common Core. My evaluation supported the draft of SOSS; I think they gave correct grades. Anyone who cares for the details of my evaluation of the draft of SOSS for the mentioned
states can find it here. a note from Bas Braams

Willingham: What’s missing from Common Core standards plan (Part 2)
Daniel Willingham August 2, 2010 The Washington Post

California adopts new academic standards

Canan Tasci 08/02/2010 Pasedena Star-News

Opponents gear up for Race to the Top funding
01-08-2010 Bit News

Common core – a commissioner’s dissent
By Ze’ev Wurman, Commissioner, California State Academic Standards Commission July 31, 2010 The Educated Guess

GUEST COLUMN: Colorado should lead, not follow, on education standards
Keith King July 31, 2010 The Gazette

Veterans of the math wars
Debra J. Saunders August 1, 2010 San Francisco Chronicle

Stotsky on the Common Core Vote in MA
July 29th, 2010 Jay P. Greene's Blog

School Reformers Argue Merits of Common Core State Standards
Ben Boychuk 07/26/2010 The Heartland Institute

Conflicting Research On Core Standards
JULY 26, 2010 National Journal Group Inc.

Common Core Standards: Hardly an Evidence-based Policy
Larry Cuban JULY 25, 2010 Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

"Common Core" School Standards Roll On Without Supporting Evidence
William J. Mathis July 21, 2010 EPIC

The “Common Core” Standards Initiative:
An Effective Reform Tool?

William J. Mathis, Ph.D.
University of Colorado at Boulder
July 2010

Next Obama Takeover, Education?
James Tillman July 17, 2010 Pro-Life With Christ

National standards for K-12 learning: Common sense, or a waste of money?
KEVIN D. THOMPSON July 17, 2010 Palm Beach Post

AL State School Board Member on National Standards
Betty Peters July 17, 2010 Eye on Education

Yes to Common Core plus 8th grade algebra
John Fensterwald July 16th, 2010 The Educated Guess

On national standards, the Gates Foundation gets what it pays for
Jim Stergios July 15, 2010

The Slippery Slope Toward National Science Standards
Lindsey Burke July 14th, 2010 The Foundry

Three Groups Submit Applications for Race to Top Assessment Grants
Winners are expected to align tests to the common standards.
Stephen Sawchuk July 13, 2010 Education Week

Ever So Quietly, National Standards Spread
Neal McCluskey July 13, 2010 Cato@Liberty

California Panel Scrutinizes Common Standards
Catherine Gewertz July 13, 2010 Education Week

States Rush to Adopt Common Core Standards
Ben Boychuk 07/13/2010 The Heartland Institute

State Adoptions of Common Standards Steam Ahead
Catherine Gewertz July 12, 2010 Education Week

Comments on the Common Core Standards for Math
U.S. Coalition for World Class Math

Wurman-Evers Cascading Plan for a Common Core Pathway to Algebra in 8th Grade
7.10.10 - Ze'ev Wurman & Bill Evers

A comparison of proposed US Common Core math standard to standards of selected Asian countries.
Jonathan Goodman 09/07/2010

School leaders fight federal edicts in bid to reclaim local control
Jeremy P. Meyer 07/08/2010 The Denver Post

Comparing State Standards to Common Standards
Catherine Gewertz July 5, 2010 Education Week

Despite Veto Threat, House Passes Edujobs With Race to the Top Cut
Alyson Klein July 1, 2010 Education Week

Massachusetts May Adopt Weaker Common Core Standards
Sarah McIntosh 06/26/2010 The Heartland Institute

Corporate role in common core standards ought to be exposed. Who appointed Bill Gates Emperor of Education?
Maureen Downey June 26, 2010 Atlanta Constitution Journal

Va. officials won't scrap Standards of Learning
ZINIE CHEN SAMPSON 06/24/10 Associated Press

Washington-led consortium applies for federal grant
Kira Cox June 23rd, 2010 Bellingham Herald

Common Education Standards: Tackling the Long-Term Questions
June 23, 2010 Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Three Groups Apply for Race to Top Test Grants
Stephen Sawchuk June 23, 2010 Education Week

Morning Bell: Time to Stand Up to the National Standards Agenda
Jennifer Marshall June 21st, 2010 The Heritage Foundation

Racing to where?
Boston Herald Editorial Staff June 20, 2010

National PTA Supports Final Draft of Common Core State Standards

Kentucky's Common-Standards Adoption: Not Quite Final
Catherine Gewertz June 17, 2010 Education Week

Explain changes to standards
JUNE 17, 2010

Denial vs paranoia with Common Core education standards
CHESTER E. FINN, JR. JUNE 17, 2010 Flypaper

Unfortunately, One Man’s “Paranoia” Is Everyone Else’s “Reality”
Neal McCluskey Think Tank West

Here Come the Federal Education Standards

Common Standards Get Final, Quiet Approval in Kentucky
Catherine Gewertz June 16, 2010 Education Week

Missouri adopts national standards for reading, math
Jessica Bock 06.16.201 St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Mediocre National Standards No Answer To 'Curriculum Massacre' Down In Texas
BEN BOYCHUK 06/16/2010

Critics: NJ rushing to adopt new math, language arts standards
LAURA BRUNO • • JUNE 15, 2010 Daily

Duncan’s Race and the Problem with Reform
Jake Sorgen June 13th, 2010 Caged Politics

A common core for education

NAGC statement on Common Core State Standards for Gifted and Talented Students
06/10/2010 Raising he Gifted Child

Well, so much for objective analysis : MA DESE and RttT one more time
Jim Stergios June 9th, 2010 Pioneer Institute

Why We Need Common Standards
Douglas Grudzina JUNE 9, 2010 Prestwick House

Answering Jay Greene’s Questions about National Standards
Michael Petrilli 06/09/2010 Education Next

Scottsdale district scrambles to enact new math program
Mary Beth Faller - Jun. 8, 2010 The Arizona Republic

Ca. Gov. Schwarzenegger Announces Appointments to Academic Content Standards Commission
7 Jun 2010 California Newswire

The Dreaded Standards
Siegfried Engelmann June 7, 2010 Zig Engelmann and Direct Instruction

The Answer Sheet: Common state standards are no more than part of the answer
Valerie Strauss June 7, 2010 The Washington Post

Education Standards Throwdown!
Neal McCluskey June 4, 2010 Cato@Liberty

What Common Core State Standards are -- and aren't
Valerie Strauss | June 3, 2010 The Washington Post

On Common Core State Standards
Vicki Phillips on June 03, 2010 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Common Core State Standards: Better Than Ever
Chester E. Finn, Jr. 06/02/2010

States Receive a Reading List: New Standards for Education
SAM DILLON June 2, 2010 New York Times

NCTM Supports Teachers and Administrators to Implement Common Core Standards
June 2, 2010 NCTM

Statement by Ken Kay, President of P21, on the Common Core State Standards Initiative

Final Version of Common Standards Unveiled
Catherine Gewertz June 2, 2010 Education Week

Final Draft of Common Core State Standards Unveiled
Ben Boychuk 06/02/2010 School Reform News.

State-Led or Obama-led standards?
July 01, 2010 spunkyhomeschool

CCSS March Draft Math Standards Reviews and Comments

March 2010 Draft K-12
Submitted by the U. S. Coalition for World Class Math

Stop National Standards

Instead Of Pushing For Education Reforms, McDonnell Quits Race To The Top
Pat Garofalo May 28, 2010 Wonk Room

May 28, 2010 mathematics education blog

To Adopt or Not? States Will Decide on Common Standards
Strong Federal Push Behind 'State-Led Initiative'

MAY 2010 Eagle Forum

Common Core State Standards release set June 2
May 27, 2010 International Reading Association

Common Standards Create Race to Top Snags in Two States
Catherine Gewertz May 27, 2010 Education Week

New Pioneer/Pacific Research Institute Report:
Weak National Standards Basis for Weak National Tests

5.20.2010 Pacific Research Institute

The Emperor’s New Clothes National Standards - Mathematically Sound Foundations
National Assessments Based on Weak
“College and Career Readiness Standards”

A Pioneer Institute White Paper No. 61
by Sandra Stotsky and Ze’ev Wurman May 2010


McDonnell withdraws Virginia from Obama's Race to the Top school reform program
Nick Anderson and Rosalind S. Helderman May 27, 2010 Washington Post Staff

McDonnell takes Va. out of Race to the Top
ZINIE CHEN SAMPSON 05/26/10 Associated Press

Hawaii, Maryland Tentatively OK Common Standards
Catherine Gewertz on May 26, 2010 Education Week

Seeking an End to the 'Massachusetts Madness'
By Catherine Gewertz on May 25, 2010 Education Week

Why National Standards Won’t Fix American Education: Misalignment of Power and Incentives
Lindsey Burke and Jennifer Marshall May 21, 2010 The Heritage Foundation

Mass. Group Seeks Common-Standards Communications
Catherine Gewertz May 19, 2010 Education Week

Massachusetts’ participation in the U.S. DOE’s/ National Governors Association/ Council of Chief State School Officers Common Core/national standards initiative
Re: Freedom of Information Act Request
May 18, 2010 Pioneer Institute

New Resource From Alliance For Excellent Education Highlights Need For Common Standards And Assessments In All Fifty States
May 19, 2010 Alliance for Excellent Education

Kansas and National Education Standards
Paul Soutar May 19, 2010 Kansas WatchDog

Aligning Standards and Curriculum Begets Questions
Catherine Gewertz May 18, 2010 Education Week

Beyond the Rhetoric of National Standards
Gary DeCoker May 18, 2010 Education Week

Fri, May 14, 2010 Marion Brady Ecology of Education

Common Core Standards Reviewed
13 MAY 2010 Rebecca Nichols American Statistical Association

Do You Believe Us Now?
5.11.10 - Donna Garner - Here it comes: Pearson, the largest educational publishing company in the world, has released its Common Core State Standards for Literacy and for Mathematics package

Coming Soon to a School Near You: Big Ed
11 May 2010 Marion Brady truthout

Horrific Common Core Standards Move Forward
5-10-10 Karen R. Effrem, MD EdWatch

On May 12, tell school board to vote no to RTTT
Laurie Rogers May 10, 2010 Betrayed - Why Public Education Is Failing


May 2010

New President for Math Teachers' Group Highlights Agenda
Erik Robelen mMay 10, 2010 Education Week

Does RttT violate Federal Code section 3403?
Dan Dempsey 09/05/2010

ASCD Works with CCSSO and NGA on Common Core State Standards InitiativeStatement from Gene R. Carter, Executive Director, ASCD May 5, 2010

Understanding the Common Core State Standards Partnering with Pearson
video with the CEO of Pearson

Editorial Support for the Draft Common Core State Standards
April28,2010 Achieve

Higher Standards for all: ImplIcatIons of the common core for equIty In educatIon
Lisa Quay April 2010 The Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethinicity & Diversity University of California, Berkeley Law School

Are ed reformers ignoring American values?
Marion Brady April 30, 2010 The Washington Post

The Financial Ripple Effect of Common Standards
Catherine Gewertz April 28, 2010 Education Week

Did Congress Authorize Race to the Top?
Grover J. "Russ" Whitehurst April 27, 2010 Education Week

Understanding the Common Core State Standards
Fordham Institute webcast Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Advent of a Common Core National K-12 Curriculum
Brian Calhoun Saturday, April 24, 2010 Brian's FresYes Blog

Common Standards: The Writers Speak
Catherine Gewertz April 23, 2010 Education Week

Still no common-core appointments
John Fensterwald on April 21st, 2010 The Educated Guess

Will We Ever Learn?
What's Wrong With the Common-Standards Project
Robert I. Lerman & Arnold Packer April 20, 2010 Education Week

Department of Education’s “Race to the Top”
Program Offers Only a Muddled Path to the Finish Line

William Peterson and Richard Rothstein April 20, 2010 Economic Poliy Institute

April, 15 2010 The University of Arkansas Office for Education Policy

Ze’ev Wurman on common-core standards
John Fensterwald on April 13th, 2010 The Educated Guess video

They’re good for the state
David P. Driscoll April 18, 2010

Kansas: Keep your Race to yourself
Jim Stergios April 16th, 2010 The Pioneer Institute

Race to Nowhere: State teacher unions given veto over Race to the Top funding
Patrick Gibbons Apr 14th, 2010 Nevad News & Views

Register Now for ACE's Free Webinar on the Common Core State Standards Initiative Webinar will be on Monday, May 3
April 13, 2010 The American Council on Education

Standards would help Alaska students
DIANE HIRSHBERG April 12th, 2010 Anchorage Daily News

Sandy and Jay on National Standards
Sandra Stotsky & Jay P. Greene April 11, 2010 Jay P. Greene's Blog

The Race to Declare Victory
Neal McCluskey April 8, 2010 Cato@Liberty

The Forces Behind Common Core Standards
April 08, 2010 youtube video

More Feedback on Common Standards Math Section
Catherine Gewertz April 5, 2010 Education Week Curriculum Matters

Dressing Up Standards, Dumbing Down Schools
Terrence Moore Apr 4th, 2010 BigGovernment

TERC P.I. Criticizes Common Core Standards
Steve April 3, 2010 Parents for Quality Math Education

Still Not Good Enough: For Massachusetts
James Elias April 2nd, 2010

National Standards Post from Jim Stergios
April 2nd, 2010 Jay P. Greene's Blog

Common Core Standards are Welcome— with Some Reservations
Angela Pascopella April 2010 District Administration

Nationwide “common core” standards
LA Teacher April 2, 2010 Seattle

APRIL 01, 2010

National PTA Reacts to the Draft Common Core State

Charles J. “Chuck” Saylors National PTA President

Common Core State Standards Initiative:National Education Standards 2.0
William A. Estrada, Esq. March 31, 2010 HSLDA

'Math wars' over national standards may erupt again in California
03/30/2010 Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Notes from Alaska’s Common Core Comparison
Doug Noon.March 27, 2010 Borderland

Is common core good for California?
John Fensterwald March 26th, 2010 The Educated Guesss

Computing and the Common Core
Cameron March 26, 2010 Association for Computing Machinery

‘Grave Concerns’ about Core Standards for Young Children
Mark News & Commentary

George Thompson Mar 25, 2010 The Daily Censored

Like the tide, great standards lift all boats

Rating the Common Core Standards
Robert Pondiscio March 23rd, 2010 The Core Knowledge Blog

The Sucker List
by marcia What Would The Founders Think?

Common Core education standards get A- and B from Fordham experts

Move to Incorporate Computing in Math Curriculum
Draft standard recommends making computer science part of high school mathematics education
Deirdre Blake, March 23, 2010
Dr. Dobbs

Healy: Parents deserve louder voice in country’s education debate
Gene Healy San Francisco Examiner March 23, 2010

Comments Pouring in on Common Standards, But You Won't See Them
Catherine Gewertz March 22, 2010 Education Week

CEMSE (Everyday Math) Response to the Common Core Standards Initiative
Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education March 22, 2010

Florida PTA president: Support the Common Core
March 22, 2010

Common Core State Standards — Why the Rush?
March 20, 2010 johnbarge

Run Away from ‘Common’ Education Standards — By: NRO Staff
March 18th, 2010 Liberal Whoppers

Run Away from ‘Common’ Education Standards
Neal McCluskey March 18, 2010 the corner

Chester E. Finn Jr. on the Common Core Standards
March 18, 2010 Sarah Brodsky Show-Me Daily

Don’t let national ed reform push down standards in Mass.
March 18, 2010

Viewpoints: Don't let feds control local education
Ben Boychuk Mar. 18, 2010 The Sacramento Bee

One Classroom, From Sea to Shining Sea
SUSAN JACOBY March 18, 2010 The New York Times

Back to Basics

Chester E. Finn, Jr. 03/17/2010 Educationnext

Time for Teacher: Voluntary common state standards: An oxymoron?
JUDITH FAIRWEATHER Posted: 03/17/2010 The Advocate

National Standards, Welfare Reform and the Dream of the One True Way
Matthew Ladner March 16th, 2010 Jay P. Greene's Blog

Kevin R. Kosar: Have National Education Standards Arrived?
3-15-10 History News Network

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics
Doug Darfus March 15, 2010 Teaching Mathematics
The standards, as written, are not user friendly. I would bet that most parents, administrators, business executives and legislators, wouldn't have the foggiest idea what many of indicators mean after reading them. They remind me of my college mathematics textbooks. Something I would have to read and then reread to make sure I understood what it said.

Why Race to the Middle? Publications of Interest - Mathematically Sound Foundations
First-Class State Standards Are Better than Third-Class National Standards
A Pioneer Institute White Paper
Ze’ev Wurman and Sandra Stotsky February 2010

National Standards Will Merely Produce National Dominance

Daryl Luna 14. MAR, 2010 Tenth Amendment Center

Common Core Standards. Common Core Problem
Ewan McIntosh March 13, 2010 Ewan McIntosh's

Some states prefer their own academic standards and that’s OK – for now

–Chester E. Finn, Jr. MARCH 12, 2010 Flypaper

State: No-go on test drive

BOB STUART March 12, 2010 Waynesboro News Virginian

Slippery Standards Slope
Neal McCluskey • March 11, 2010 Cato

National Standards Nonsense

March 10th, 2010
Jay P. Greene's Blog

Math and English classes could be standardized

DONNA GORDON BLANKINSHIP Mar 10, 2010 Associated Press Writer

Governors Propose National Education Standards

48 governors seek nationwide standards for what kids learn in school.
ABC News video

Governors Propose National Education Standards video
48 governors seek nationwide standards for what kids learn in school.
03/10/2010 ABC News

National Standards Coming Soon?
Neal McCluskey March 8, 2010 Cato@Liberty

Why one-size-fits-all education doesn’t work
Jeff Jacoby Globe Columnist / March 6, 2010

We’re Still ‘Lying to Our Children’

Mark Schneider March 6, 2010 The Amercan

Falling Into the Ditch

06 March 2010vMarion Brady Truthout

Politics and Parsnips: Obama's Common Core

Susan Ohanian March 3, 2010 The Huffington Post

E2SSB6696 passed on to House Rules Committee
AAUW-WA Public Policy MARCH 2, 2010

Education Unit Helps Lift Pearson's Net Profit
PAUL SONNE MARCH 2, 2010 The Wall Street Journal

TyingTogetherthe Common Core of Standards, Instruction, and Assessments
Vicki Phillips and Carina Wong Feb. 2010 Kappan

Dumbing down? Move toward ed standards has problems

Cautionary notes on those education standards we just adopted
Richard Innes February 24, 2010 Bluegrass Policy Blog

The Common Standards Mousetrap
February 24, 2010 The Core Knowledge Blog

Will the Common Core Standards Prove Safe and Effective?
Chester E. Finn, Jr. 02/23/2010 Education Next

Obama administration plan would require state standards as condition of funds
Joetta Sack-Min February 23rd, 2010 National School Boards Association

Not Everyone Loves White House Title I/Standards Proposal
Alyson Klein on February 23, 2010 Education Week

College readiness standards more comprehensive than national standards
02.23.10 conroe courier news

Texas College and Career Readiness Standards
more comprehensive than national standards

Feb. 23, 2010 Texas Education Agency

NSBA Raises Concerns Tying Title I Funding to Standards Development
Statement by Anne L. Bryant February 22, 2010
Executive Director, National School Boards Association

Obama Plan Would Tie Title I to College-Career Standards
Alyson Klein February 22, 2010 Education Week

Obama wants education benchmarks to meet higher standard
Nick Anderson Washington Post February 22, 2010

Obama Ups Ante for Common Core
Michele McNeil February 22, 2010 Education Week

The White House: Raise math and reading standards in poor schools
February 22, 2010 Maureen Downey Atlanta Journal Constitution

An Interview with Neal McCluskey: No Evidence or Research for National Standards
Michael F. Shaughnessy 2010-02-22 EDUCATIONNEWS

Where's the Evidence?
There is very little empirical support for national education standards.
Neal McCluskey September 17, 2009. CATO Institute

Beware of Myths About Common Standards, Organizers Say
Catherine Gewertz February 19, 2010 Education Week

Goals 2000 is alive in 2010
Thursday, February 18, 2010 Spunky Homeschool

“The Roll-Out of the Marc Tucker/Obama/Arne Plan”
Donna Garner 2.17.10 KeyeBoard Combat

Kentucky adopts new standard for education
MISTY MAYNARD February 17, 2010 Ledger Independent

Summons To a Social Agenda?
Frederick M. Hess February 17, 2010 The American

Common to the core
vol. 19, no. 2 • february 2010 Stateline Midwest

Common Core Standards Up For Comment In March
Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals

Kentucky adopts standards before they’re written
PATTI HARTIGAN Feb. 12 2010 True/Slant

Opinion: One country, one set of standards
The federal government must demand more from students, because the states don’t
Ryan Normandin February 12, 2010 The Tech

Kentucky to be first to endorse national education standards

Critics: Standards push threatens ed gains
Matt Murphy 02/06/2010

The is the site where partial state RttT applications can be downloaded

State Boards Lack Information on Common-Core Standards
By Catherine Gewertz on February 3, 2010 Education Week

Kentucky Set to be First in the Nation to Take Action
February 04, 2010

Rubber meeting road (on common core)?
Susan Perkins Weston FEBRUARY 3, 2010 The Prichard Blog!

TribBlog: States Echoing Texas on National Standards
Brian Thevenot February 3, 2010 The Texas Tribune

International Benchmarking and the Common Core

National Curriculum Standards: What's Really Going On?
Feb 01, 2010 The Education Front

Common Core Standards release delayed again
richard innes february 1, 2010 Bluegrass Policy Blog

Core Knowledge to Link Curriculum to Core Standards
Foundation Will Make Its K-8 Sequence Available to Schools for Free

Catherine Gewertz February 1, 2010 Education Week

Education’s ‘core’
Boston Herald Editorial Staff January 31, 2010

More signals – ‘Common Core’ education standards still have issues
richard innes january 31, 2010 Bluegrass Policy Blog

StandardizingExcellence: ThePathTowardaCommonSet ofStateAcademicStandards
CERPP Conference January 13-15, 2010 Los Angeles, CA
ACT powerpoint

Sharon Rondeau Jan 30, 2010 The 9/12 Project

January draft of the CCSSI K-12 ELA standards full page
This was found contained in a document downloaded from a public (government) website. Whoops!

January draft of the CCSSI K-12 math standards full page
This was found contained in a document downloaded from a public (government) website. Whoops!

New Critiques Urge Changes in Common Standards
Catherine Gewertz Education Week

January draft of the CCSSI K-12 ELA standards
This was found contained in a document downloaded from a public (government) website. Whoops!

January draft of the CCSSI K-12 math standards
This was found contained in a document downloaded from a public (government) website. Whoops!


Sharon Rondeau Jan. 27, 2010 The Post & Email

Robert Holland: Obama is bribing states to accept national curriculum
ROBERT HOLLAND January 22, 2010

Raising the education bar: Too many states' benchmarks for reading and math are low

Quality of Questions on Common Tests at Issue
Stephen Sawchuk January 21, 2010 Education Week

Is it a 'Race to the Top' or a quick plunge to the bottom?
Peggy Littleton January 21, 2010

Perry standing firm against federal education funding
01/20/2010 Jenny LaCoste-Caputo - Express-News

Texas doesn't take the bait
Jim Brown - OneNewsNow - 1/18/2010

A Letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan

Common-core standards under fire
John Fensterwald on January 17th, 2010 The Educated Guess

Not all on board for president's Race to Top
JANUARY 16, 2010 Jim Nichols Under the name of reason blog

Debunking the Case for National Standards
Alfie Kohn January 14, 2010 Education Week

We've Always Had National Standards
Diane Ravitch January 14, 2010 Education Week

State-Federal Tensions Loom in Standards Effort
Avoiding Political Minefields Seen as High Priority
Michele McNeil January 14, 2010
Education Week

Michigan Education Association tells teacher unions not to sign 'Race to Top' agreements
Tom Gilchrist | The Saginaw News January 13, 2010

SBOE backs Texas’ fight against common standards
Kate Alexander January 15, 2010

The Foundations and Future of Common Standards
Jonathan Kantrowitz January 14, 2010 Education Research Report blog

U.S. Common-Standards Push Bares Unsettled Issues
Familiar Themes Emerge in Resurgent Debate
Sean Cavanagh January 14, 2010 Education Week

Office of the Governor Rick Perry - Press Releases - Gov. Perry: Texas Knows Best How to Educate Our Students
01/13/2010 video the video does not seem to be available anymore

Perry also released a letter informing Secretary of Education Arne Duncan that Texas would not be submitting an application for this award.
01/13/2010 copy of the letter

Texas refuses federal school funds
Jenny LaCoste-Caputo 01/13/2010 San Antonio Express-News

The Movement for National Academic Standards: A
Comparison of the Common Core State Standards Initiative in
the USA and the National Curriculum in Australia

Michael Watt
Paper for presentation at the conference of the Australian Curriculum
Studies Association, Hotel Realm, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, 2 to 4 October 2009

Education: Debunking the Case for National Standards - Alfie Kohn
JANUARY 12, 2010 Education Policy Blog

College Readiness Made Simple
Jerome Dancis

 K –12: Recommendations from the National Forum convened by the Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences
January 8, 2010 Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences

Ky. expects to be first to adopt new K-12 core content standards
Jim Warren Jan. 08, 2010

Racing to National Tests?
Any national tests and standards need to be strong, substantive, and well administered.
Chester E. Finn Jr. National Review Online

Do you support the Common Core State Standards Initiative?
The Edutopia Poll by Sara Ring

Marion officials support national education standard
Kurt Moore

Fewer, Clearer, and Higher Standards?
NCTM President Henry (Hank) Kepner January 2010 NCTM

Comparing State Math Standards
Pam Kenney JANUARY 4, 2010 Learning in Maine blog

‘Race’ gives a boost to push for common core standards
JANUARY 1, 2010 California School Boards Association

What Will Happen to the SOLs in Virginia?
December 30, 2009 PWC Education Reform Blog

Area schools await new state standards
MISTY MAYNARD December 29, 2009 The Ledger Independent

Coming Soon - National Curricula for Most Public Schools in the US
monstermom December 28th REDSTATE

Red Flags, National PTA, and Common Core Standards
Nakonia (Niki) Hayes 29 December 2009

How Students Show What They Know
December 25th, 2009 | Tom Vander Ark VAR Partners

Red Clay Now
DECEMBER 18, 2009 blog

Boosting Math Standards
David Moltz December 21, 2009 Inside Higher Ed

Greedheads’ Christmas: The Seedy Side of Entrepreneurial Education Reform
Chester E. Finn Jr. , Frederick M. Hess. December 24th, 2009 The Americano

Former Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Discusses Critical Issues in Education Reform in New Web Video Series From Pearson
December 23, 2009 PRWeb

Common Core Standard is a far cry from California’s existing content standards
Willy R 23-Dec-2009 blog

Bill Gates, PTA eye some southern schools
Robert Holland December 22nd, 2009 Garner News

The rush to common-core standards
John Fensterwald December 22nd, 2009 The Educated Guess blog

Common Core standards undermine California's gains
Ze'ev Wurman December 21, 2009 SFGate San Francisco Chronicle

Common Core State Standards Initiative
Oregon Department of Education

Race to Compromise: Senate Passes Second Reform Bill to Assembly
December 18, 2009 California Chronicle

Videotaped Message Inviting the Public to Review and Comment on the Common Core Standards
Commissioner Steiner on New York State's Common Core Standards Initiative - December 2009 (5 minutes)

National Standardizers Just Can’t Win
Neal McCluskey • December 17, 2009 Cato Institute

"Race to top" bill may threaten Palo Alto education standards
Sophie Cornfield December 16, 2009 The Paly Voice

12/16/09 Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA)

Jury still out on Common Core State Standards Initiative
Sandra M. Klepach December 15, 2009 The News-Herald blog

Is the movement to a “common core” of standards good or bad?
December 15, 2009 Riverside Publishing blog

National Standards

Alternative Needed to Common Core: An Additional Consortium for ‎Common Standards
Williamson M. Evers & Ze’ev Wurman

Alternative Needed to Common Core: An Additional Consortium for ‎Common Standards
Williamson M. Evers & Ze’ev Wurman Jay P. Greene's Blog

House Education Committee Holds Hearing on Common Core Standards
December 11, 2009 Educational Publishing

The Coming National Standards Push
Lindsey Burke December 10th, 2009 The Heritage Foundation blog

Common Core Standards Focus of House Committee Hearing; Local School Board Member Testifies on Behalf of Local Districts, NSBA
December 8, 2009 National School Boards Association

Common Core Standards Review and Adoption Process
Issue for Decision Should the Board of Regents support the following process for review and adoption of the Common Core Standards?

Before the Committee on Education and Labor United States House of Representatives December 8, 2009 By Cathy Allen Vice Chair St. Mary’s County, Maryland Board of Education

Improving Our Competitiveness: Common Core Education Standards
U.S. House Education and Labor Committee Full Committee Hearing December 8, 2009

Am I Imagining it, or is this a Condescending and Dismissive Tone?
Tom Hoffman December 10, 2009 TUTTLE SVC blog

Lawmakers Wary of 'Race to Top'-Standards Link
Alyson Klein Education Week

Update: Uniform education standards?
December 09, 2009

Kilroy’s Gold Star For Mike Castle
kilroysdelaware December 9, 2009 blog

States and Schools Need Flexibility to Foster Innovation
Common Standards Initiative Should Not Tie the Hands of Our Nation’s Educators
December 8, 2009 Committee on Education and Labor US House of Representatives

National PTA targets Georgia in standards push
Idea is for each state to have the same academic barometers
Kristina Torres December 7, 2009 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Texas education head warns of 'federal takeover'
jonjayray December 06, 2009 Education Waatch International blog

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Speak Out: Common Math and English Standards
The CEA Blog

Texas Ed Chief Rips Administration for Backing Common Standards
Sean Cavanagh December 4, 2009 Education Week

College Students Who Can't Do Math Or Read Well
Sandra Stotsky and Ze'ev Wurman December 4, 2009 Minding the Campus

Common Core Initiative Moves Forward
December 4th, 2009 NASDCTEc

Are We on the Same Page?
12/3/2009 Teachers College Columbia University

College- and Career-Readiness Standards of the Common Core State Standards Initiative Validity Study
2009 Educational Policy Improvement Center

National Forum on Common Core State Standards
December 2, 2009 videos

National PTA to Mobilize Parents for Common Core Standards
December 2, 2009 StreetInsider

Groups to Spread Word on Standards in States, Districts
Sean Cavanagh December 2, 2009 Education Week

National PTA Lends Support to Common Standards
DEC 02, 2009

Another step towards Common Core Standards . . .
THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2009 Seeking Shared Learning blog

Common Core Standards update
Amber Winkler DECEMBER 3, 2009 Flypaper

PTA Launches Campaign Backing Common Standards
Sean Cavanagh December 1, 2009 Education Week

The Common Core State Standards Initiative
Jim Askew December 1, 2009

Mike's challenge
THOMAS W. CARROLL November 30, 2009 New York Post

College Readiness: High School Math Pathways
November 29, 2009 LT/ThinkAlgebra

Standards and achievement
Susan Weston NOVEMBER 25, 2009 Prichard Blog

Cherry Picking Standards
Nov 25, 2009 Art of Educating blog

Perry says Texas, not U.S., should set education standards
TERRENCE STUTZ / The Dallas Morning News November 25, 2009

Thurlow Appointed to Core Standards Committee
November 24, 2009 University of Minnesota

U.S. Department of Education Orders Confiscation of All Teacher Plan Books
2009-11-23 Susan Ohanian The Eggplant

Race to the Top: Standards & Assessments
23. Nov, 2009 League of Education Voters

Eduflack: Beginning of End for ESEA Reauth?
NOVEMBER 23, 2009 Big Education Ape

Common Core Standards for College and Career Readiness
Brenda Owens November 23, 2009 EMC Publishing blog

NASBE Awarded Gates Grant To Examine Common Core Standards with State Boards Nationwide
National Association of State Boards of Education November 21, 2009

Former ETS Researcher on Common Standards
Sean Cavanagh on November 19, 2009 Education Week

What to teach?
The long, slow effort to set standards
Nov 19th 2009 The Economist

Common Core State Standards Initiative pdf
DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education
November18,2009 SBOEPublicMeeting

The ELA Common Core Initiative
How cross-content competencies will impact your students.
Sally Hampton November 2009
District ADministration

Gates Offers Help on “Race” Application —But with Strings
Eight criteria needed to be eligible for funds.
Don Parker-Burgard November 2009 District ADministration

2009 Conference Panel Discussion video
Videocast: Gaining Clarity on the Common Core Standards Initiative - Implications for Maryland (October 18, 2009, Northwest High School, Germantown, MD) Panel Members: Mr. William (Bill) Barnes, Dr. Francis (Skip) Fennell, Mrs. Donna Watts, Dr. W. Stephen Wilson, Jonathan (Jon) Wray (moderator) See selected video clips.

Math teaching without the math
Joanne Jacobs November 16, 2009

Who Needs Mathematicians for Math, Anyway?
The ed schools' pedagogy adds up to trouble.
SANDRA STOTSKY 13 November 2009 City Journal

Regional Meetings to Gather Feedback on the Draft Standards for
English Language Arts and Mathematics

Watch our national standards video video
Did you miss the live webcast of our event on national education standards? Or did you watch but you want to relive W. Stephen Wilson's jokes? You can now watch our archived video of the event. See selected video clips.
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

'Work Groups' Announced for K-12 Common Standards
Sean Cavanagh November 10, 2009 Education Week

States Slow Standards Work Amid 'Common Core' Push
Mary Ann Zehr November 6, 2009 Education Week

Draft K-12 Standards Expected by Mid-December
Sean Cavanagh November 5, 2009 Education Week

Conflict of Interest Arises as Concern in Standards Push
Mary Ann Zehr November 2, 2009 Education Week

Report: States set low bar for student achievement
LIBBY QUAID AP Education Writer Oct 29, 2009

Failing math and science

Joanne Jacobs October 28, 2009


Memo from VickiPhillips,DirectorofEducation,CollegeReady, TheBill& MelindaGatesFoundation to NGA and CCSSO

FCSS Urges CCSSO to Implement Social Studies Standards
Kristine Scola October 26, 2009 FASSS-FCSS Legislative News blog

Parents' Group Sees Good and Bad in Draft Math Standards (Updated)
Sean Cavanagh October 22, 2009 Education Week

U.S. Coalition for World Class Math

October 21, 2009

Experts, Public to Weigh In on Common Tests
Michele McNeil October 20, 2009 Education Week

Standards Aren't Enough
Susan H. Fuhrman, Lauren Resnick, & Lorrie Shepard October 9, 2009 Education Week

College Readiness Made Simple

Jerome Dancis

'Common Core' Standards Earn a B From Think Tank

Sean Cavanagh October 8, 2009 Education Week

Proposed National Academic Standards Sidestep Debate
Nick Anderson October 8, 2009 Washington Post

National Standards - Mathematically Sound Foundations

Sheila Byrd Carmichael, W. Stephen Wilson, Chester E. Finn, Jr., Amber M. Winkler, and Stafford Palmieri

Bridging Differences
Standards and Passing On the Idea of Democracy Deborah Meier
Why 'Washington-Driven Standardization' Is NOT Best Diane Ravitch

October 8, 2009 Education Week

My Concerns With State Common Core Standards Draft
Statement of Michael W. Kirst, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University : Draft of State Common Core Standards (September 2009)

New Standards Draft Offers More Details
Disagreements Over Language Arts Lead to Beefed-Up Expectations for 'College and Career Readiness'
Sean Cavanagh September 25, 2009 Education Week

Live Chat: Common Academic Standards: Is There Common Ground?
Tuesday, September 29, 2 p.m. Eastern time

Drafting Common Standards: What's Ahead -- And What's Missing
Sara Mead September 29, 2009 New America Foundation.

Could Common State Standards Impact Quality?
SEPTEMBER 28, 2009 National Journal Group Inc.

“Standards are not curriculum”
Diana Senechal September 22, 2009 iCareers, College and Education

National Academic Standards: The First Test
September 22, 2009 The New York Times

National Subject-Matter Standards? Be Careful What You Wish For
Marion Brady
September 22, 2009 Education Week

Skills Set Drafted For Students Nationwide
Nick Anderson Washington Post September 22, 2009

Defining 'College Ready,' Nationally
September 21, 2009 Doug Lederman Inside Higher Ed

How will the Common Core State Standards influence your professional work?
Kent Williamson on September 21, 2009 NCTE blog
"These national standards, should they become the next Truth and Way, will serve to alienate teachers from some of the deepest joys of the teaching life." Dan Sharkovitz

William H. Schmidt, Richard Houang, and Sharif Shakran
August 2009 The Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Publications of Interest - Mathematically Sound FoundationsINTERNATIONAL LESSONS

William H. Schmidt,
Richard Houang,
and Sharif Shakrani

August 2009

The Thomas B. Fordham Institute

Stop National Standards!

Fear Not Big Government on Standards, Says Fordham
Sean Cavanagh September 2, 2009 Education Week

Common-Standards Process: Rigged From the Beginning?
September 2, 2009 Education Week To the Editor

Winters’ Content Standards — Can they Work?
Andrew J. Coulson • August 18, 2009 Cato @ Liberty

Evolving National Standards
A Plan Without Political Fallout

Marcus Winters August 17, 2009 Education Week

An Open Letter to NCTE Members about the Common Core State Standards
Kylene Beers President, National Council of Teachers of English
August 17, 2009

The Case Against National Standards

Andrew J. Coulson August 14, 2009 Cato @ Liberty

Missouri agrees to develop national academic standards for public schools
August 11, 2009 Michelle Pais Missourian

Openness of Common-Standards Process at Issue
Sean Cavanagh August 12, 2009 Education Week

Against National Standards
Let the states decide what to teach- they'll do less harm.
Liam Julian 08/10/2009 The Weekly Standard

-- National standards have support, skepticism
August 09, 2009 Hillary Davis The Arizona Daily Sun

State joins effort to set national education goals
Panel endorses governor’s shift.
JONATHON BRADEN August 8, 2009
The Columbia Daily Tribune

Next Draft of Common Standards Due in Early September
Sean Cavanagh August 7, 2009 Education Week

Privatization Will Not Help Us Achieve Our Goals: An Interview with Diane Ravitch
August 4th, 2009 John Merrow Taking Note

Education-Stimulus Priority: Improve Classroom Standards
Alexandra R. Moses 8/3/2009 edutopia The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Field sees first draft of common standards
Meris Stansbury Jul 30, 2009 eSchoolNews

EDUCATION: Will Virginia Dumb Itself Down by Accepting National Standards?
ROBERT HOLLAND GUEST COLUMNIST August 2, 2009 Richmond Times-Dispatch

Four States Reluctant to Join National Standards Planning
Don Parker-Burgard August 2009 District Administration

Transparency of Common-Standards Process at Issue
Sean Cavanagh July 30, 2009 Education Week

Who's creating the Common Core Standards to be used by 49 states
JULY 29, 2009 Teaching Literature to Adolescents blog

Federal control expands despite the rules
Laurie Rogers July 26, 2009 Betrayed - Why Public Education Is Failing

National PTA Endorses Common Standards
Sean Cavanagh June 25, 2009 Education Week

Draft Content Standards Elicit Mixed Reviews
Sean Cavanagh and Catherine Gewertz July 23, 2009 Education Week

Voluntary National Standards Dead on Arrival
Robert Pondiscio July 22, 2009 The Core Knowledge Blog

Education Reform's Moon Shot
Arne Duncan Friday, July 24, 2009

In education, standards aren’t enough
Douglas B. Reeves - 07/13/09 The Hill

CCS: Secretive, expensive and wrong

Laurie Rogers July 12, 2009 Betrayed - Why Public Education Is Failing

Missouri joins effort to create national school standards
By: Diane Plattner Newsmagazine Network

Standard Deviation
Forty-nine states and territories have signed on to create national education standards. But will state-by-state implementation really work? TAP talks to the movement's leaders.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative
This is the Initiative's very own website.

Common Core State Standards Development Work Group and Feedback Group Announced
07/01/2009 National Governors Association NGA

Parents' Group Wants to Shape Math Standards
Sean Cavanagh on June 30, 2009 EdWeek

National Coalition Presents "Design Principles for K-12 Mathematics Standards and Assessments" and Seeks Seat at National Standards Writing Table June 30, 2009
The United States Coalition for World Class Math, a new non-partisan organization of concerned parents collaborating with professional mathematicians, educators, and others to promote improvements in K-12 mathematics education, has just issued its "Design Principles for K-12 Mathematics Standards and Assessments." It is also asking to be included in the decision-making process for the national mathematics standards currently being developed by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers in concert with several other educational organizations.

Gov. Nixon commits to push for national school standards
By David Hunn St. Louis Post-Dispatch 06.26.2009
MO is the 47th State to sign on

National PTA Calls for Common Core State Standards
June 25, 2009

“Race to the Top” in Education Meaningless for Missouri
June 22, 2009 Caitlin Hartsell Show-Me Institute

Video: National standards in other nations
This panel discussion on national education standards across the world was sponsored by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute at our "International Lessons About National Standards" even on Tuesday, May 5, 2009.
Flypaper Thomas B. Fordham

Common Core State Standards Initiative

The Common Core State Standards Initiative Summary

The Common Core State Standards Initiative
Powerpoint CCSSO NGA

Common Core Standards
Memorandum of Agreement

The Council of Chief State School Officers and
The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices

This is the Memorandum of Agreement states had to sign.

The Opportunity Equation. Transforming Mathematics and Science Education for Citizenship and the Global Economy Executive Summary
Common standards in math and science that are fewer, clearer, and higher, coupled with aligned assessments.

Subject-Matter Groups Want Voice in Standards
Math, Reading Associations Fear They'll Be Overlooked
By Sean Cavanagh June 15, 2009 Education Week

Duncan Offers Stimulus Funds for States to Develop Rigorous Assessments Linked to Common Standards
Secretary Duncan Charts Course for 'Race to the Top' June 15, 2009

Education chief hopes stimulus will push standards
June 15, 2009 USA TODAY

Arne ups the ante on national standards
JUNE 15, 2009 Flypaper Education Gadfly

States Will Lead the Way Toward Reform
Secretary Arne Duncan's Remarks at the National Governors Association Education Symposium June 14, 2009


Dr. Ken James’ Testimony
Committee on Education and Labor U.S. House of Representatives April 29, 2009
Dr. Ken James president of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)


Testimony to the House Committee on Education and Labor
David Levin, Co-Founder, KIPP Schools

Testimony of Randi Weingarten,
President, American Federation of Teachers

Testimony of The Honorable Sonny Perdue, Governor of Georgia
On behalf of The National Governors Association

National Standards, National Curriculum Dangerous By Laurie H. Rogers, author of "Betrayed" - June 11, 2009

National standards, national curriculum dangerous
Betrayed - Why Public Education Is Failing Blog & Chat

The National Standards Sausage-Making National Standards - Mathematically Sound Foundations
Jay P. Greene's Blog June 9, 2009
Sandra Stotsky speaks out about the
development of national standards.

Uniting states for educational success
Monday, June 8, 2009 San Francisco Chronicle

NJ joins effort to draft US math regs
National math standard doesn't add up, groups say

New Jersey announced this week that it has joined a 46-state effort to craft national standards in math and language arts, an unprecedented move that's already drawing fire in a state with a strong home rule history.

46 States, D.C. Plan to Draft Common Education Standards
By Maria Glod
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, June 1, 2009

What Does Common Standards Mean to a State?
Eduflack Improving Education Through Effective Communication June 1, 2009

Eyebrows Arch Over 46-State Common-Standards Pact
Education Week June 5, 2009

State of California Letter of Participation in the common core standards initiative
signed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor, Ted Mithchell, CA BOE President, and Jack O'Connell, CA Supt. Of Public Instruction

Moving Beyond No Child Left Behind
States are being encouraged to adopt common school curricula and tests, an idea business leaders may applaud
By Steve LeVine Economics & Policy May 28, 2009

Buck Consensus for Excellence in Common Standards
The Learning Institute - Setting the Curve Spring 2009

K–12 Education in the United States
Should We Implement National Standards and Assessments?
Jessica McKinney

Illinois joins school march toward national standards, test
To better compare students, Illinois joins effort toward national standards
By Tara Malone | Chicago Tribune reporter May 19, 2009

Is Congress Moving Toward Nationalized Standards?
HSLDA's Federal Relations Department May 11, 2009

The Massachusetts Board of Education
Update on the State-Led Common Core Standards Initiative and Revision of Massachusetts ELA and Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks
To: Members of the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education
From: Mitchell D. Chester, Ed.D., Commissioner
Date: May 8, 2009

The Best Defense against National Standards? Hearing about National Standards
Neal McCluskey May 6, 2009 Cato@Liberty blog

Video: National standards in other nations
This panel discussion on national education standards across the world was sponsored by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute at our "International Lessons About National Standards" even on Tuesday, May 5, 2009. Flypaper

How to Raise the Standard in America's Schools
By Walter Isaacson Wednesday, Apr. 15, 2009 Wednesday, Apr. 15, 2009

  • Sandra Stotsky Says:
  • Walter Isaacson’s article on national standards rings many alarm bells. But one that it should have rung is why no one seems to expect the participation of the nation’s mathematicians, or their two professional societies, in the construction of national mathematics standards for K-12. No other nation would even dream of developing national mathematics standards without a sign-off by the country’s mathematics community. Perhaps the exclusion of mathematicians from meaningful involvement in the shape and assessment of the K-12 mathematics curriculum is one reason that this country’s children do not do as well on the international scene in mathematics as we would like them to do. Massachusetts’ students’ scores in math and science on the 2007 TIMSS suggest that the involvement of mathematicians and scientists in the development of its nationally-recognized mathematics and science standards and assessments made a difference.

    Sandra Stotsky (former senior associate commissioner, Massachusetts Depart
    ment of Education)
    Currently: Professor of Education Reform, University of Arkansas

The Ed Department's Mike Smith Talks About 'Common Standards'
Curriculum Matters Mary Ann Zehr on March 16, 2009 Education Week

NEA Joins Effort to Create Common Core of State Standards
Claus von Zastrow February 25, 2009 Learning First Alliance

Lessons From 40 Years of Education 'Reform'
Let's abolish local school districts and finally adopt national standards.
By LOUIS V. GERSTNER JR. December 1, 2008 The Wall Street Journal
Mr. Gerstner, a former CEO of IBM, was chairman of the Teaching Commission (2003-2006)

The Case for National Standards in American

Rudy Crew, Paul Vallas, & Michael Casserly March 5, 2007 Educcation Week

Marc Tucker's New Education Initiative
Allen Quist January 13, 2007 edwatch

How Did We Get A Federal Curriculum?
February 13, 2002 Eagle Forum

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Initiative Websites and Documents

New Common Core State Standards Initiative website

Designing Common State Assessment Systems
April 2010

K-12 Common Core State Standards Draft download. Comments/feedback deadline is April 2, 2010.

Common Core Standards Initiative
Program Director, Standards, Assessment & Accountability

Vacancy Announcement

CCSSO Executive Director Gene Wilhoit Testifies on the Common Core State Standards Initiative
Wilhoit Addresses U.S. House of Representatives Education and Labor Committee

December 8, 2009

Summary of Public Feedback on the Draft College- and Career- Readiness Standards for English-Language Arts and Mathematics
click on Summary of Public Feedback on left

Common Core State Standards Process
Standards Development Flow Chart


Validation Committee Biographical Information

Common Core State Standards Initiative Validation Committee Announced
NGA Center, CCSSO Release List of Validation Committee Members

Draft of Common Core State Standards 09/21/2009

Common Core State Standards Available for Comment
NGA Center, CCSSO Release First Official Public Draft of the College- and Career-Readiness Standards 09/21/2009

The Common Core State Standards Initiative
This is the Initiative's very own website.

Common Core State Standards Development Work Group and Feedback Group Announced
07/01/2009 National Governors Association NGA

Common Core State Standards Initiative

The Common Core State Standards Initiative Summary

The Common Core State Standards Initiative
Powerpoint CCSSO NGA

Common Core Standards
Memorandum of Agreement

The Council of Chief State School Officers and
The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices

This is the Memorandum of Agreement states had to sign.


Response to the Initiative

In response to the article 46 States, D.C. Plan to Draft Common Education Standards and the effort to draft common standards, Donna Garner says the following.

What a hoax! The federal government is going to create national standards that lead to national tests that lead to national indoctrination of our children, and Arne Duncan is trying to make it look as if this whole idea has "bubbled up from the states." Nonsense. He has put out the word to the states that if their states do not sign onto the national standards, bad consequences will follow; and the idea that the states pushed this idea is bogus. It has been the Washington bureaucrats, Obama, and Arne who have pushed this entire scheme to gain control of every public school child in this country.

What is amazing is the breath-taking speed at which this is moving in hopes that the American people will not notice until it is too late.

I am so proud of the Commissioners of Education in Texas, Alaska, Missouri, and South Carolina who are smart enough to recognize "a red herring" when they see one. These people need to be congratulated for their wisdom and for their courage.

To show what a "red herring" this idea of national standards/national tests really is, please notice that the issue of whole language vs. phonics is not even going to be addressed in them. To ignore the empirical reading research that has been done by the National Institutes of Health that proves that phonemic awareness and decoding skills are the key to becoming a successful reader is a crime in itself! This further shows that nothing good will ever come out of the national standards/national tests movement if the one thing upon which we actually have solid scientific and medically based education research is going to be ignored.

"Or whether students should be drilled on math facts" -- In other words, the national standards are not going to require students to learn those "terrible" math facts that produced the greatest mathematicians and scientists in the whole world! What good are national standards if they do not guide the public schools into the teaching of real math and real science?

Every person in America should voice outrage because the largest percentage of students attend the public schools, and whatever those students learn or do not learn impacts the entire future of our nation. -- Donna Garner]
Excerpts from this article:

...leaders in Texas, Alaska, Missouri and South Carolina are the only ones that have not signed on...
There will be no prescription for how teachers get there, avoiding nettlesome discussions about whether phonics or whole language is a better method of teaching reading; whether students should be drilled in math facts; or whether eighth-graders should read "The Great Gatsby" or "To Kill a Mockingbird. "

These comments are shared with Donna's permission.