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Governor Chris Christie
Foundation for Excellence in Education
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave the keynote address at a day-long forum on education reform. He focused on continuing efforts to improve New Jersey schools and lessons learned for other states and locations.
Nov. 30, 2010

The Colbert Report -- Michelle Rhee
Michelle Rhee says the problem with America's public schools is that there is no organized interest group that represents children. (05:18)
December 1, 2010

Chester Finn's Personal History of School Reform

What type of School Reform do we really want?

School Reform

4,100 Students Prove ‘Small Is Better’ Rule Wrong
September 27, 2010 The New York Times

The Small Schools Myth

Alex Tabarrok on September 2, 2010 Marginal Revolution

Obama Touts STEM Education Report, New Initiatives
Erik Robelen September 16, 2010 Education Week

Study: Teacher bonuses fail to boost test scores
DORIE TURNER, Associated Press Writer–TueSep21. 2010

When Pedagogic Fads Trump Priorities about Differentiated Instruction
Mike Schmoker September 27, 2010 Education Week

Ravitch: The long, failed history of merit pay and how the Ed Department ignores it
Diane Ravitch September 29, 2010 The Washington Post

The strange media coverage of Obama's education policies
Valerie Strauss September 30, 2010 The Washington Post

Civil rights leaders, Sec. Arne Duncan talk edu
cation reform
July 26, 2010 The Associated Press

Primer for ed reformers (or, it’s the curriculum, stupid!)
Marion Brady July 21, 2010 The Washington Post

The Questions Education Reformers Aren’t Asking
A Dig led by Mike Rose truthdig

A Classical Education: Back to the Future
STANLEY FISH June 7, 2010 The New York Times Opinionator

How to Save the Schools
E. D. Hirsch Jr. The New York Review of Books

Marc Tucker’s Bologna
Donna Garner 4.19.10

What Counts as Credible Research?
Annette Lareau & Pamela Barnhouse Walters March 01, 2010 Teachers College Record

E. D. Hirsch’s Curriculum for Democracy
A content-rich pedagogy makes better citizens and smarter kids.
SOL STERN Autumn 2009 City Journal

Quest for Quality: The Debate Over Education Reform and Funding
The Capitol Record Washington State

Only for My Kid
How Privileged Parents Undermine School Reform

By Alfie Kohn PHI DELTA KAPPAN April 1998

How Schools Fail Democracy
E.D. Hirsch Jr. September 28, 2009 The Chronicle Review

The NCLB Paradox Enters the Twilight Zone
September 22, 2009 Diane Ravitch Education Week

Solutions Are the Problem in Education
Mary Kennedy July 28, 2009 Education Week

Only for My Kid How Privileged Parents Undermine School Reform
Alfie Kohn PHI DELTA KAPPAN April 1998

Civic Committee of The Commercial Club of Chicago June 2009

Chicago public-school reform flops, biz-backed report says
Greg Hinz 6/30/2009 Crain's Blogs

School Reforms on the Brink
The empire strikes back in Milwaukee and NYC. JUNE 4, 2009 The Wall Street Journal

Arne Duncan's Fundamental Dishonesty
By David Harsanyi April 08, 2009 RealClearPolitics

The Fable of the Roasted Pig Anonymous
from: Schools for a New Century: A Conservative Approach to Radical School Reform
by Dwight W. Allen and Terell H. Bell

Other Education Related Articles

Willingham: Student "Learning Styles" Theory Is Bunk
Daniel Willingham September 14, 2009 The Washington Post

Research Doesn't Offer Much Guidance on Turnarounds
Prescriptions are lacking for transforming failing schools.
Debra Viadero August 12, 2009 Education Week

Washington public schools hire some foreign teachers by using H-1B visas
Given the economy, some question Washington schools' hiring of foreign teachers, typically to fill math and special-ed shortages. The practice has had mixed results.
Christine Willmsen and Lornet Turnbull Seattle Times staff reporters June 28, 2009

Data-Driven Schools See Rising Scores
By JOHN HECHINGER JUNE 12, 2009 Wall Street Journal

U.S. education secretary says California students in peril
Speaking to mayors, trustees and superintendents in San Francisco, Arne Duncan challenges state lawmakers to embrace difficult reforms. 'Honestly, California has lost its way,' he says.
By Seema Mehta May 23, 2009 Los Angeles Times

Education problems will be solved with home reform, not school reform
Saturday, May 23, 2009 JOHN ROSEMOND

By Debbie K. Niwa February 21, 2006

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