New Legal document in the Seattle Lawsuit

Response to Amicus Brief
January 15, 2010

Brief of Amicus Curiae WSDA Dec. 2010

Seattle School District's Rebuttal July 21, 2010

Maria Goodlow Johnson is the Superintendent of the Seattle Public Schools. Here is a link to her dissertation.
The Influence of Assimilation and Retention Practices within School Organizational Culture on African-American certified employees in public education

See Seattle School Board & Meetings

Visit Results-- Coincidence, Correlation, or Causation? for information about math achievement in Seattle. Information about math achievement in the Bethel School District is also presented. Bethel adopted the Discovering Mathematics series and first used them in the 2006-2007 year.

Videos of Testimony before Seattle School Board

Seattle Textbook Lawsuit Related Articles and Information Cartoon from the Bellevue Reporter

It is recommended that you read the actual court documents. Many of the articles featuring the court case have misrepresented the issues and the findings of the court. Many have commented on the case without reading the court documents.

2+2 = litigation

SEPTEMBER 4, 2010 BY JOANNE Joanne Jacobs' blog

2+2 = litigation
Joshua Dunn FALL 2010 Educationnext

Numbers Wars: School Battles Heat Up Again in the Traditional versus Reform-Math Debate

Weak student scores fuel the fight in mathematics education
March 2010 Scientific American Magazine

Discovery Math and St. Vrain Valley School District
Thursday, February 18 Boulder is a Stoopid Place

Parents revolt against math fads
Joanne Jacobs

Math Curriculum and the Courts

February 16, 2010 The Core Knowledge Blog

Skydiving without Parachutes

2.16.10 - Barry Garelick - “What’s a court doing making a decision on math textbooks and curriculum?” This questionSeattle - Mathematically Sound Foundations and its associated harrumphs on various education blogs and online newspapers came in reaction to the February 3, 2010 ruling from the Superior court of King County.
Barry Garelick 2.16.10 -

Key Curriculum Press Responds to the Seattle Court Case

Key Curriculum Press is the publisher for the Discovering Math Series. They filed a complaint against the WA Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Links to download documents related to that case can be downloaded on the Discovering Math Series page.

School district should drop Discovering math curriculum from consideration

Patricia Magnani Feb 12 2010 Bllevue Reporter

Math Goes to Court
Laura Kiernan Troidle FEB 12, 2010 New Haven Independen

Bellevue, Issaquah school districts seek legal advice on texts after court decisions
Katherine Long Seattle Times February 13, 2010

"New Math" on the Losing Side of the Equation as Textbook Publisher Fails its Second Test in Court
Nina Shapiro Feb. 10 2010 Seattle Weekly

Seattle School Board told to review use of math textbooks
A King County Superior Court judge has ordered the Seattle School Board to take another look at its decision to use the Discovering Series of texts for teaching mathematics. In an terse ruling, on Thursday, Judge Julie A. Spector called the decision to teach from the Discovering curriculum "arbitrary and "capricious."
Mark Rahner Seattle Times February 4, 2010

Judge flunks Seattle's high school math program see video
By Scott Sunde, SeattlePI.Com

News Release From Seattle Public Schools For Immediate Release: Thursday, February 4, 2010

seattle math group
Updates on the court appeal of the Seattle School Board's May 6th vote to adopt the Discovering series of high school math textbooks. Plaintiffs are Martha McLaren, DaZanne Porter, and Cliff Mass.

Legal Documents in Textbook Appeal

Seattle - Mathematically Sound Foundations
Suing Over Curriculum
Robert Pondiscio February 5, 2010 The Core Knowledge Blog

What's a local judge doing amid the 'math wars'?
Dick Lilly February 05, 2010 CROSSCUT PUBLIC MEDIA

Judge Rejects Seattle's "New Math" Program
Caleb Hannan Feb. 4 2010 Seattle Weekly

Judge rejects Seattle Schools math curriculum
LORI MATSUKAWA KING 5 News February 4, 2010

Judge rejects Seattle's high school math program

Mixed review for graduation requirement delay
News video about lawsuuit follows the info about graduation delay

Lawsuit Against Seattle Schools Over Math Instruction
January 26, 2010 kiro tv watch the video

Seattle School District faces lawsuit over math curriculum
JEFF POHJOLA KIRO Radio Jan 26, 2010

Textbook argument divides us
Can an algebra textbook be racist? That's what was argued Tuesday in a Seattle courtroom. Not overtly racist in that a book of equations...
Danny Westneat January 26, 2010 Seattle Times

Lawsuit Against Seattle Public Schools

In Seattle, 1+1 = controversy, lawsuit
Seattle's high school math curriculum may hurt minority students, some say

Seattle math text adoption challenged in court
Robinson Newspapers Staff June 15, 2009 West Seattle Herald

Appeal of Math Textbook Decision
Seattle Public Schools community blog JUNE 12, 2009

Court Challenge of Seattle Math Text Adoption
A trio of plaintiffs has challenged Seattle Public Schools' recent adoption of the Discovering series of high school math texts. The three Seattle citizens contend that the textbooks will fail to adequately reduce the achievement gap between Caucasians and non-Caucasians, and between wealthy and poorer students. This failure will result from lack of "Explicit Instruction."

Articles and Information Related to Seattle Public Schools

Seattle Schools Will Hire Company To Remake Cleveland High
Ann Dornfeld 02/04/2010  KUOW NEWS 

Seattle School Board OKs contract for new Cleveland science-tech program
The Seattle School Board Wednesday approved an $800,000 contract that will help Cleveland High open a new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) program this fall.
Linda Shaw Seattle Times February 3, 2010

Review of Proposal for STEM at Cleveland
January 20, 2010 Meg Diaz

2008-9 District PSAT Results
(Revised version of presentation to the Board’s Curriculum Committee on December 15, 2009)
Brad Bernatek Research, Evaluation, and Assessment January 19, 2010

New math books will help all students succeed
Special to The TimesThe new math curriculum chosen by Seattle Public Schools is the best of both worlds, writes guest columnist Mark Landreville. The combination of a traditional approach with inquiry learning will ensure more students succeed. Opponents of the new books are mistaken in their predictions. Guest columnist Mark Landreville June 10, 2009

Math curriculum
Posted by Letters editor June 5, 2009 The Seattle Times
Start with simple solution to complex problem -- Rick Burke, Seattle
Cost of students' futures outweighs cost of tossing books -- Tina Yamagiwa, Seattle

Seattle Schools' "Discovering Math" curriculum risks a generation of students
Seattle Public Schools appears headed toward an instructional approach to teaching math that has failed, writes Cliff Mass, a University of Washington professor of meteorology. The district should reverse course and follow the state Board of Education's clearer direction.
Guest columnist Cliff Mass Special to The Times May 29, 2009

Seattle school leaders "discover" the math book they wanted
How the Seattle School Board used a fuzzy-math method to adopt a fuzzy-math text for the Seattle Public Schools
By Bruce Ramsey Seattle Times editorial columnist May 12, 2009

On May 6, 2009, the Seattle Public School Board voted 4-3 to adopt Discovering Series by Key Curriculum Press for the high schools.

May 6, 2009 Seattle Public School Board Meeting video

Seattle School Board adopts controversial new math program By KOMO Staff

Controversial math textbooks adopted by Seattle schools
Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seattle School Board should take time on math-book decision
Seattle Public Schools students might be better served if their School Board ignores a committee's recommendation and delays choosing a new high-school math book.
Editorial The Seattle Times Originally published Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 3:50 PM


This video reviews the critical high school math decision to be made by the Seattle School board

Michael DeBell comments on "Discovering Algebra"

On April 22, 2009, the Seattle School Board tied on a vote to adopt the Key Curriculum Press "Discovering Algebra, Geometry and Advanced Algebra" high school math textbooks. One board member was absent, and the final vote will be taken on May 6, 2009. We would like to thank Michael DeBell, Seattle School Board President, for taking the time to research the math curriculum recommendations in his district. He showed a great example of informed oversight and its importance.