Singapore Math

The Case for Math In Focus: The Singapore Approach
This document makes a strong case for the adoption of Math in Focus in a district that considered Math in Focus, enVisionMath, and Math Expressions. Any district considering adopting any of these three programs is well advised to read this document. You can download the document by clicking here.

Making Math Lessons as Easy as 1, Pause, 2, Pause ...
WINNIE HU September 30, 2010 NYTIMES.COM

Beyond Singapore’s Mathematics Textbooks
Focused and Flexible Supports for Teaching and Learning

Patsy Wang-Iverson, Perla Myers, and Edmund Lim W.K. AMERICAN EDUCATOR | WINTER 2009–2010

Singapore Math: Simple or Complex?
November 2007 John Hoven and Barry Garelick in Educational Leadership

What the United States Can Learn From Singapore’s World-Class Mathematics System (and what Singapore can learn from the United States): An Exploratory Study
PREPARED FOR: U.S. Department of Education Policy and Program Studies Service (PPSS)
PREPARED BY: American Institutes for Research® January 28, 2005

Solving Algebra and Other Story Problems with Simple Diagrams: a Method Demonstrated in Grade 4–6 Texts Used in Singapore
Sybilla Beckmann The Mathematics Educator 2004, Vol. 14, No. 1, 42–46

Why Singapore Math
Richard Bisk May, 2005

3 Reasons Why Singapore Math Curriculum is Recommended by the NCTM For U.S. Schools Stepp Bailey

Singapore Math - Mathematically Sound Foundations

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