Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth

M.J. McDermott is speaking about the current state of math education, as a private citizen

Math Education: A University View

Cliff Mass discusses math education.

Saxon Math at North Beach

Math Education: Bellevue, WA July 08, 2007

Dana Center at Bellevue

Uri Treisman and Phil Daro instruct Bellevue teachers how to deal with Math parents.

For Fun and Enjoyment--Math Videos

Math Class: The Musical

Math with Madeline

Common Sense Reform?

What drives the reform agenda decision making? Common Sense, Faith-I Believe, or Evidence of Effectiveness?

WASL I Mean HSPE...No, not exactly.

Stupid in America 40 minutes on YouTube
John Stossel looks at the ways the U.S. public education system cheats students out of a quality education.

Senate Hearing
on reform in the D.C. school system DCPS
Washington, D.C. school chancellor Michelle Rhee
Key minute segments:
67 - 70, 88-99, 126 - 132: Burris
132 -145 approx: Ashby answers Rhee's criticism.

The Truth about Utah's Teachers Union
Mr. Chanin's honesty-filled speech could very well be the best thing he's ever done for children. He declares that the NEA is a power-obsessed, hyper-political union that serves not children, but adults. According to Pat Rusk, past UEA leader, "The UEA is the Utah affiliate of the NEA. We don't just have a relationship with NEA, we are the NEA." (Daily Herald, Dec. 1, 2005). Need we say more?

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