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Tacoma approves new math books
Education: Balance sought for concepts, calculations
DEBBIE CAFAZZO 05/14/10 The News Tribune
Math Expression for K-5
Prentice Hall for middle grades

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Here is a letter from Paul Kirschner to the Superintendent of the Issaquah School District. Paul is one of the authors of the following article. Click here to download a copy of the letter.

  • Dr. Rasmussen’s message to the School Board
    June 24, 2009
    • Adoption of Discovery Math postponed Some Reasons as stated in message:
      The state continues to waffle and create more uncertainty rather than less. Consider:
      • OSPI has issued conflicting reports about high-school math curriculum and refused the Issaquah School
      • District’s invitation to come defend its contradictory messages.
      • The State Board initially recommended three curricula, including Discovering, and asked for additional study
      • to reconcile the differences in the two reviews conducted by OSPI and SBE.
      • The Superintendent of Public Instruction likewise stated more research is needed, but no funding is available.
      • He has also said: “It is not the role of OSPI to direct which curricula a school district may or should select,”
      • yet OSPI has created an incredibly challenging position for districts by recommending only one curriculum.
      • There have been subsequent legal entanglements for districts going through math adoptions and threats of
      • litigation in neighboring districts.
      • Curriculum publishers are suing the state over alleged flaws in the state’s curriculum-adoption process.
      • The Superintendent of Public Instruction has asked the legislature to possibly postpone end-of-course
      • assessments a year until 2012.

Lake Washington School District
Lake Washington Committee Narrows Math Curricula Options to Two
Final possibilities to be tested in schools
February 9, 2010

Bethel School District
Results-- Coincidence, Correlation, or Causation?
The above link will take you to a page with some interesting math achievement data from the Bethel School District.
Bethel uses Everyday Math, CMP, and Discovering Mathematics.

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