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Touchstone Connection Project
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The data made available on this site are aggregate school and district data taken from the OSPI Web site.
The TCP provides a clear visual representation of school and district student achievement results. School leaders will be able to identify schools and districts that may have higher levels of student achievement than their own. This information may allow school and district leaders to connect with leaders from other schools and learn from one another’s promising practices.

News Articles

Central Kitsap schools hope new curriculum, strategies will equal higher math scores

CHRISTOPHER CARTER Central Kitsap Reporter Reporter Jun 18 2010

How Good Are UW Students in Math?
SATURDAY, JANUARY 2, 2010 Cliff Mass Weather Blog

A Washington State Fight, a Nationwide Debate
Sean Cavanagh November 30, 2009 Education Week

Guest Opinion: Be realistic about standards
Randy Dorn The Spokesman-Review November 25, 2009

Delaying math, science goals unfair to students
By the Herald editorial staff Nov. 24, 2009 tricityherald.com

Randy Dorn and the math delusion
DavidHorsey.com November 20, 2009

Which math book to use? A passionate debate rages
A wave of change in math teaching is about to hit Washington. It's bringing furious arguments over how to get all kids to meet new math standards — and which textbook series does the best job.
Katherine Long Seattle Times August 16, 2009

Seattle math text adoption challenged in court
Robinson Newspapers Staff June 15, 2009 West Seattle Herald

State superintendent: Math and science graduation requirement “unrealistic”
The Spokesman-Review June 11, 2009

Are you as concerned about math as I am?

June 8, 2009 in 2009 Legislative Session | by Kelly League of Education Voters Blog

Solving the Washington state math education problem
By Tim Christensen Special to The Spokesman-Review March 22, 2009

Step up to WASL math requirement, don't hide from it
Both houses of the Washington Legislature took the easy way out by voting to eliminate the need for 10th-grade students to pass the math portion of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning, argues guest columnist Christopher Eide. He suggests state educators look to the example of Massachusetts for a formula for success in math education.
By Christopher Eide Special to The Times March 17, 2009 The Seattle Times

A Proposal to Transform Math and Science Teaching and Learning in Washington State
Presented to the State Board of Education
Caroline King, Partnership for Learning
Sam Whiting, The Boeing Company
March 12, 2009